Flat Sea’er

The Earth is neither flat nor round at a human scale. By simplifying the terms we use to describe the Earth into mere abstract shapes, we enter a conceptual terrain that is factually contrary to what we can empirically experience. Such a dissonance might be one of the most effective tools in use when the shape of the Earth is brought into question. We all (well mostly) live on land where the horizon seldom can be observed without some sort of backdrop or topographic element(s) that contradict the abstract notions (on a human scale and focal ability) of simplified geometric form. The most counter-intuitive      Continue reading

Appeal to Conspiracy Fatigue (CF)

Conspiracy theories and alternative research is a minefield where good information is hard to find and misdirection guaranteed. One of the facts we will have deal with sooner or later is that alternative research was not invented by truth seekers – the origin of conspiracy theory comes from the perpetrators themselves who have been well versed in tactical warfare from the get-go. To gain complete control the Elite (or whatever we might call the power-structure/hidden hand) appear to always have the ambition to control every side of any conflict or topic. To be able to do so, they design their own resistance      Continue reading

Afternoon Commute (4)

John Adams Afternoon Commute
29 sept 2016 – 3:19 (h:mm)

Interview by J. Adams and C. Kendall with Unreal
Japanese Paleolithic Hoax, Archeological forgery, Autism and more

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AC 2016 09 01

Fakeologist Audiochat – 20160901
1 september 2016 – 1:13 (h:mm)

Interview by Ab Irato
Unreal and Ab convene for a discussion on Miles Mathis and the bloated Black Frosting thread

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Afternoon Commute (3)

John Adams Afternoon Commute
20 july 2016 – 3:36 (h:mm)

Interview by J. Adams, C. Kendall with J. Dyer and Unreal
Nice Truck Attack,Strategic Operations, Thales Group, Terror and Sports, Jacques Attali, Coup in Turkey, Moderate Muslims and more

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Afternoon Commute (2)

John Adams Afternoon Commute
2 april 2016 – 2:18 (h:mm)

Interview by J. Adams and C. Kendall with Unreal
Brussels bombings and more

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Afternoon Commute (1)

John Adams Afternoon Commute
2 march 2016 – 4:04 (h:mm)

Interview by J. Adams and C. Kendall with Unreal
Deconstructing Deconstructivism – discussion about Modernism, Modernity, Postmodernism, Frank Gehry, Deconstructivism, Paris, Philip Johnson, Paul Rand, Cube, International Style, CGI, Gamification, Technology and more

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AC 2015 11 15

Fakeologist Audiochat – 20151115
15 november 2015 – 3:06 (h:mm)

Interview by Ab Irato with Farcevalue and Unreal
Paris Attack Hoax – We talk about the Paris Terror Hoax with our man on the ground, Unreal of Paris

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