Josephine Baker portrait 1920s

Banana Boys

Josephine Baker was an icon of her time – the Roaring Twenties – performing as a topless dancer at the Folies Bergère in Paris, often wearing little else than a handful bananas… Pretty wild, but then again her ethnic heritage demanded nothing less than extravagance as she seemed tasked to introduce multiracial entertainers to a wider audience as she effectively brought the European Jazz Scene to fame. Baker’s sexually explicit wardrobe, style and performance are today recurring themes in popular culture, fashion, art and music.

Just as cigars have been observed to have occult significance pertaining to Elite Gender Inversion, bananas likewise might represent twofold meaning firstly recognizable from their figurative phallic shape cleverly hiding a deeper esoteric metaphor of EGI (Elite Gender Inversion). While the cigar appears to illustrate sexual preference through indirect representation, the banana meme seems to directly represent the person wearing such banana costumes and/or regalia. A sort of “if you wear one – you have one” type of pun. Wearing a banana skirt, Josephine Baker clearly appealed to the Elite as this really meant ‘she’ was a ‘he’ with male genitalia intact.

Josephine Baker in banana costume
Josephine Baker in her infamous banana skirt (1927)

Josephine Baker on stage twisting her long arms, big head and muscular legs

The legacy and myth of Josephine Baker (wiki here) largely exceed her 1926 banana skirt of course as she led quite a fantastic life including 3 marriages, 12 adopted children, a cheetah pet and spying during WW2 as she took part in the French resistance movement. It seems that Josephine Baker (acronym JB) was a lifetime celebrity that was seemingly repeatedly inserted into popular culture throughout her life – including a heavily mediated sudden demise with military honors (1975).

The apparent EGI origin of Josephine Baker’s public figure is nevertheless the most crucial piece of information that explains what really hides behind the Elite fascination and impersonations of the recurring Josephine Baker memes in popular culture, fashion, film and music. Only in light of EGI can anyone understand what motivates so many celebrities to jump into banana skirts and ‘Josephine’ celebration (and with LGBTQ+ culture being pushed to the limit, many openly transgendered celebretards also now join in of course).

The Elite’s main activity appears to be guiding the public by example using lies and deception which in turn clearly procure significant in-group dupers delight and pride. As curious fact, Josephine Baker’s most famous wedding took place in 1937 when she married the French sugar industrialist Jean Lion – originally from the Jewish Levy family.

Lion – Lie On (or ironically ‘No Lie)
Levy – We Lie

What more celebratory then for the cross-dressed Elite than to parade in front of the public deceptively with tucked private parts under their Josephine Baker banana skirts.

Beyoncé banana skirt
Beyoncé with JB banana costume

Diana Ross banana skirt
Diana Ross paying tribute to favorite entertainer JB

Deborah Cox banana skirt
Deborah Cox on stage in banana skirt

Miley Cyrus banana skirt
Miley Cyrus in 2014 banana stage attire

Laverne Cox banana skirt
Laverne Cox (openly TG) in banana skirt

Aamori Olujimi banana skirt
Aamori Olujimi (openly TG) Performer and TG Activist in banana fun