Boxer Gus Waldorf against bear 1949

Bears Fear Well

If you are going to wrestle a bear, try to stay away from all fish oil products, you know. I mean it’s tough for me, because I love to rub myself with salmon oil every day – it’s a great conditioner for the hair, skin.
-Will Ferrell

When it comes to gruesome and grisly bears, we might not remember that in a not so distant past bears used to be valiant opponents to men in square rings where they engaged in fixed fights. As anyone might see for themselves or already guess – no man would actually be able to beat a 250-450 kg animal opponent with claws but history records show that both bear wrestling and bear boxing mostly unfolded as a close match.

Bear Boxing Man – 01:14 (mm:ss)
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If we suspect modern boxing to be fixed, it most probably was rigged before as well. In the case of bear boxing anyone attentive should at present be capable to see and analyse with fresh eyes how these crowd-pleasing events were fake from the start – including the bear of course.

Maybe it could be useful to pause a moment on what this actually implies. It seems improbable that people ever would believe such preposterous suggestions as boxing, wrestling and dancing with bears. It all just amounts to be anything but a show – including the “manimal”. Most likely the public were convinced of such contrived events being real because no-one at the time dared imagine experts, sport organisations, newspapers, athletes and journalists to be able to lie so shamelessly. One would think people in general must have been even more gullible in the past than now, but not really as the old circus dogs seem to perform the same old trick to this day..


Terrible Ted The Wrestling Bear vs. Gene Dubois – 07:41 (mm:ss)
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Another factor when it comes to the bear act is tradition – bears have been a performance animal for a very long time and by popular belief, myth and exposure has as such become inoffensive in training and circuses, only to stay terribly dangerous and mortal in nature. Quite a contradiction one would think, and realistically such divergent behaviour only would be possible possible for a staged animal – at least in the case of fake bear boxing – where the animals clearly have been animated by acrobats in bear costumes – seemingly a circus tradition.

If they had bear costumes and animal movements down to rolling eyelids, brawling and eating biscuits already in the 1870s – it’s already evident that the level of animal portrayal in a modern circus today would be even more perfected. Still, this is tradition right ? And the tradition here is advanced stagecraft and the bear as an animal is thus very possible to fake to a a very convincing degree – unless you have eyes to see.

Battling Bruno the boxing bear
Battling Bruno the boxing bear was knighted by Queen Victoria for his performance in the ring as he used to entertain gold rush prospectors in North America and fighting amongst others San Francisco boxer “Gentleman Jim”…

I suggest looking anew at older footage and events like bear boxing or bear wrestling – it might well introduce a whole new level of deception that still today is perpetrated on all of us in plain sight and broad daylight as on stage. The worst part here is that most hunters and freemasons in general seem to be aware of this apparent ‘manimal trick‘ and clearly laugh behind our backs at our bewildered apprehension of everyday life.

Victor The Wrestling Bear vs Gary Hart – 05:06 (mm:ss)
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Anything that can be faked most probably is (article) – and lying seems to be the name of the game for the Elite and their key strategy for ruling over an evermore clueless sheeple. Just as with teddybear shooting (article) – teddybear boxing might also blow you away. The question is more if you have the honesty and courage to see how deep the unreality well really is or if you prefer to stick to your old guns out of fear of ridicule and pain of shedding illusions you’ve spent years to integrate and apprehend. When we choose to explore new dimensions of Te Lie we’ve all become to comfortable living within there will always be hurt pride and ridicule that greet us first, which is unfortunate but rather ineluctable as we consider the scale of the operation at hand.

The fix is in and well illustrated even in commercials…

Elite – Te Lie (anagram)
Bear – Ra Bee (phonetic anagram)
Circus – Sick Ruse (or ‘Sick Russ’ – phonetic anagram)

John West Salmon “Bear Fight” ad – 00:29 (mm:ss)
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The apparently fake and acrobat-animated boxing bears means that even living animals can indeed be faked, which in turn implies nothing less than that these manimals have been very effectively faked since a very long time back. So if even popular animals like bears can be that successfully impersonated by skilful puppeteers since hundreds of years, the question might rather be what animals the Elite have not been able to fake rather than the contrary. The circus in fact seem to have been invented for the very purpose of training acrobats to play animals rather than vice-versa. The public of course remain entertained in both cases but probably would find men in costumes sitting on a bench or kissing a clown far less amusing than an really gruesome Grizzly bear.

The big lies indeed work well to this day as most will choose to ignore what is to be deducted from the obvious fact that a bear can be and mostly has been played by bipedal men since presumably the beginning of public performance. Not only do the the Elite prefer to lie when they can, they rejoice from dupers delight and public ignorance so if we ever thought there were limits to the public deceit then we might already write animals off that list. Animals – living and dead – can and will be faked if possible.

Ursula Böttcher and Alaska the Polar Bear at Circus Knie in 1984
•many bears are simply animated by two acrobats inside a padded and articulated structure as demonstrated even publicly in a less lifelike manner here. The technique is basic and based on primitive mechanical principles far less advanced than Leonardo Da Vinci’s purported automated lion from 1515.