Richard Grove 911 whistleblower

Conspiracy Gatekeeping

These minds [Conspiracy Theorists] ignore logical discourse and are not actually interested in honest discussion and clear communication, whether they know it or not. The “Conspiracy Theorist” role requires one have an inflated egotistical view of one’s own ideas and accomplishments..
-AA Morris (article)

Anyone who believes terrorism or public assasinations are not isolated acts or caused by single individuals will qualify as ‘conspiracy theorists’ by the dictionnary and from common use of language. We might not like the appellation, but when we interact with society at large, Conspiracy Theorist is clearly what describes our interest in alternative research the best – even if it’s a poor moniker by design.

As a ‘conspiracy theorist‘ it is therefore natural for me to question if controlled opposition to alternative research and media fakery is an activity that is conducted merely by single individuals or if such intelligence operations are just random, isolated acts.

In recent postings on Fakeologist and AA Morris, there is discussion about the value of investigating controlled opposition and alternative researchers as individuals. A recurring (non) argument used in favor of NOT investigating mediated alternative researchers and outlets is that we do not need to.. Rather than being skeptic of individuals that constitute the cutting edge of the ACT* community, we are encouraged to focus only on the ‘message’ and information.

It is a good argument – to merely analyse the message and not question the messenger. Unfortunately, to limit our field of research to such a simplified choice of either/or simply does not cover what the targeted effort of organised gatekeeping of alternative research entails.

James Corbett host of The Corbett Report
James Corbett is the host of The Corbett Report

As a matter of fact, we know that there are numerous conspiracy authors, researchers, media and publications that are part of intelligence warfare used against us as a public. To be precise, it is this very situation we investigate in society at large and that all alternative research is built upon and share.

The question then would be quite different – are we supposed to investigate all forms of propaganda EXCEPT the intelligence operations that target us ourselves ?

When we think about the scale of damage intelligence operations aimed at us amateurs as a research community has the potential to cause, versus the average “public” intelligence operation (JFK, Apollo, 9/11, Boston Bombing etc.) – it is clear that anyone would be masochistic to ignore the damage contrived figures can do to our own in-group when they can operate freely.

To better understand the amount of damage intelligence agents can do to our research and community from within, it is telling to evaluate the effort the Elite dedicates to intelligence activities at our level in terms of funding and manpower.

Henrik Palmgren Red Ice Radio
Henrik Palmgren is the host of Red Ice Radio

In order to apprehend the Elites effort to infiltrate the community that has formed around the advanced topics of media-fakery that we investigate, a case like the Annette A. Carrion death hoax and John Adams false testimony allows us to directly evaluate how close to home the Elite hit and damage us.

Despite the reassurance from conspiracy talking heads – the fact the Elite continue to finance and introduce alternative research figures into our limited audience should by its cost and time investment alone be proof enough that such tactics are both efficient and worthwhile. To our detriment and disadvantage as the only reason the Elite continue to fund agents at our level is because it’s important and successful. Yet, many leading figures still pretends there is nothing to see, nothing to learn from such evident facts and logic..

Jan Irvin gnostic media logos media
Jan Irvin is the host of Gnostic Media (now rebaptised as Logos Media)

The cost of operations such as Gnostic Media is equally a worrisome point : Jan Irvin has hosted over 185+ likely intelligence supported propagandists* on his show since 2008. Frederick Palmgren has hosted over 670+ suspected intelligence funded agents* on Red Ice radio since 2006. In short, the Elite is actively financing thousands of content creators in various forms to spread conspiracy propaganda to very high costs. And they have operated this way for decades – if not more…

And the scale of operations and investment made in gatekeeping intelligence efforts does not end at outlets like Jeff Rense or Alex Jones. It is even on Fakeologist in the known form of John Adams – but such a vast operation probably doesn’t end with him either.

Chris Kendall host of Hoax Busters Call
Chris Kendall is the host of Hoax Busters Call

In a nutshell, if we as researchers are indeed investigating conspiracies it would be very damaging to not investigate the conspiracy we now have tangent proof of exist in our inner circle of trusted sources.

In very short distance to the likes of John Adams we will find online outlets such as Jay’s Analysis, AA Morris, Timothy Kelly and also Gnostic Media together with all their affiliates and various media outlets. In other words, the “danger and corruption” we see in known intelligence gatekeeper operations is not only a real occurrence elsewhere, it is currently present also at our unntill now comfortable “Fakeologist” and “Hoaxbuster” level of conspiracy research.

*ACT is Alternative/Conspiracy/Truth (acronym coined by Fakeologist Ricky afaik)

+Gnostic Media suspected intelligence supported propagandists since 2008: Adam B. Levine, Alan Piper, Alan Shoemaker, Alex and Allyson Grey, April Boden, Arik Roper, Bill Joslin, Brendan Fischer, Brett Veinotte, Bros. Collins, Bryan Nova Brey, Caleb Thomas, Cathi Morgan, Chris Bennett, Chris Conrad, Christopher Knowles, Clint Richardson, Colin Flaherty, Curtis Duncan, D.M. Murdock (Acharya S), Daniel Siebert, Daniella Martin, Dave Asprey, Dave McGowan, David Harriman, Dennis McKenna, Derrick Slopey, Dr Andrew Wakefield, Dr Barbara Ehrenreich, Dr Brian Akers, Dr Charles Grob, Dr Colin A. Ross, Dr Dan Merkur, Dr Dave Dortch, Dr David Flattery, Dr David Hillman, Dr David Nichols, Dr Deborah Mash, Dr E. Michael Jones, Dr Ellen Brown, Dr Eric G. Wilson, Dr Greg Burzynski, Dr Hans Utter, Dr James DeMeo, Dr James Fadiman, Dr Jason Martineau, Dr Jerry Russell, Dr Joel Wallach, Dr John Bolender, Dr John Loftus, Dr Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, Dr Marguerite Rigoglioso, Dr Martin Ball, Dr Michael Labossiere, Dr Michael Rinella, Dr Neal Goldsmith, Dr Norman Finkelstein, Dr Patrick Byrne, Dr Peter Duesberg, Dr Peter Glidden, Dr Richard Evans Schultes, Dr Rick Strassman, Dr Rima Laibow, Dr Robert Beckstead, Dr Roland Griffiths, Dr Scott Olsen, Dr Scott Sherr, Dr Stanislav Grof, Dr Stephan Beyer, Dr Tom O’Bryan, Dr William Davis, Eddy Lepp, Elana Freeland, Eric Penn, Ernest Werner, Eustace Mullins, Ewen Cameron, Freeman Burt, Fritz Heede, G. Edward Griffin, Gary Wilson, Gavan Kearney, Gene Odening, General Albert Stubblebine, George Clayton Johnson, George Hunt, Gilad Atzmon, Greg Quinones, Hal Lucius Nation, Hank Albarelli, Herman de Vries, Holly Seeliger, Ian T. Taylor, Jack Herer, Jacob Duellman, James Campbell, James Kelley, James Oroc, James Warren Mooney, Jasun Horsley, Joe Atwill, Joe Rogan, John Adams, John Lamb Lash, John Major Jenkins, John Martineau, John Taylor Gatto, Jose Barrera, Josh Homan, Joy Camp, Judith Anne Brown, Karen Hudes, Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat), Karen Wetmore, Kevin Annett, Kim Cooper, Kristov Atlas, Larken Rose, Lenon Honor, Lisa Arbercheski, Lydia & Royce White Calf, Marc Stevens, Mark Devlin, Mark Gordon Brown, Mark Passio, Mark Warhol, Michael Adams, Michael Cremo, Michael Dean, Michael J. Murphy, Michael Tsarion, Miguel Conner, Mike Crowley, Mitch Horowitz, Mitch Schultz, Nijole Sparkis, Nino Teauneaux, Norman France, Paul D. Schrader, Peter Levenda, Peter O’Hanrahan, Peter Webster, Prof. Shlomo Sand, Prof. Benny Shanon, Prof. Carl A. Ruck, Prof. Darrell Hamamoto, Prof. Earl Lee, Prof. James F. Tracy, Prof. Jay Courtney Fikes, Prof. John Hoopes, Prof. John Rush, Prof. Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Prof. Michael Winkelman, Prof. Thomas Roberts, Rabbi Yisrel Dovid Weiss, Ramiel Nagel, Randy Mabe, Richard Grove, Rick Doblin, Rick Simpson, Robert Forte, Robert Roe, Robin S. Eubanks, Ryan Gilmore, Sally Fallon (Morell), Scott Onstott, Sofia Smallstorm, Stan Tenen, Stefan H. Verstappen, Stefan Molyneux, Stephen Buhner, Stephen Zarlenga, Steve Allen, Steve Hager, Steve McMurray, Steve Outrim, Szou Paulekas, Thomas Hunt, Titus Frost, Todd Brendan Fahey, Walter Graham, Will Pangman, Wolfgang Bauer

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