European Cooperation in Science and Technology - director Peter Knight, vice-director Michael Butter

Controlled Academic Opposition

“The Action aims at equipping the major stakeholders with robust knowledge and strategies to understand and counter accusations of conspiracy directed against them or others.”

Following close in the footsteps of military and state intelligence, Academia is now targeting Conspiracy Theory as a new form of social and psychological condition that plague and threaten democratic values. The commission for ‘Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories in Europe‘ is ironically financed through the unelected European powerhouse itself, the EU, which makes the double speak and biased angle hard to miss.

It is not surprising that sound skepticism is attacked under the safe banner of Conspiracy Theory when we consider that the most mediated figures are indeed intelligence creations (ie David Icke, Ian Crane, Alex Jones) as are the majority of conspiracy theory outlets, even at more ‘grassroots’ levels (ie Jim Fetzer, Jan Irvin, James Corbett).

The convenient imbroglio of intelligence created conspiracy outlets that have both popularized and vilified a wide range of predetermined conspiracy topics now gives Academia the opportunity to join in and officially study the conspiracy public in detail and profile us as seen fit by Governments and intelligence alike. It is of course the public of conspiracy theories that is the target here, not what conspiracy theories are about, the issues they raise or the public interest of investigating all these topics freely.

What is certain is that the effort to limit any type of critical thought outside of the already controlled conspiracy culture is very real and now officially supported by the EU framework program “Horizon 2020” and directly funded by the ‘Cooperation in Science & Technology’ (COST) that is directly in charge of the democratically selected group of 120 researchers involved in the four-year collaborative action entitled ‘Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories in Europe’ (COMPACT).

COMPACT (Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories in Europe) is led by UK Professor Peter Knight (University of Manchester) who has authored several books on Conspiracy Culture* and the ongoing studies are organised in three different groups : Manifestations and Media (Clare Birchall), Actors and Audiences (Annika Rabo) and Causes and Consequences (Nebojsa Blanusa).

The ‘Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories’ action that started in 2016 and will end in 2020 with the ambition of creating a lasting Conspiracy Theory database and publish a Conspiracy Theory handbook as well as deliver 120 Academic Conspiracy Theory experts to the 33 participating countries who will surely soon lead numerous students to even more thesis and reports on the public afflicted by Conspiracy Theory beliefs…

The COMPACT action is directly financed with a yearly budget of €180.000 and we might consider that different stakeholders and directly related initiatives will contribute with finances and benefits in addition to the official EU support. The COMPACT group hold regular meetings throughout Europe and organise week-long workshops to educate the coming Doctors of Conspiracy Theory who last met in May 2018 at the Hotel de Bilderberg, Oosterbeek, Netherlands (meeting report here).

As the ‘Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories’ action will study us, hereunder the 121 COMPACT participants*..

members 1-17

members 18-32

members 79-93


We can only guess as to who the real “stakeholders” for the COMPACT action are outside of the advertised scientists, politicians, and journalists. An informed guess is the European intelligence services. They would clearly be a big stakeholder from behind the scenes as intelligence agencies are the actual, deceptive authors of every significant conspiracy outlet researched so far (article).

Not only would the intelligence community be interested in the ‘Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories in Europe’ aka COMPACT action, UK intelligence has already admittingly participated to finance similar efforts before. Elaborated by Social Psychology Professor Karen Douglas (University of Kent), the CREST Conspiracy Theory research database* was financed by the ‘Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats’ (CREST) who is an admitted mixed venture between state and… intelligence services*.

*Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats – 02:44 (mm:ss)

*CREST is UK-based and initial funding was £4.35 million from the UK security and intelligence agencies and £2.2m from the Economic and Social Research Council (source)

*CREST Conspiracy Theory research database

*Peter Knight is the author of ‘Conspiracy Culture: From the Kennedy Assassination to The X-Files’ (2000), ‘Conspiracy Nation: The Politics of Paranoia in Postwar America’ (2002), ‘Conspiracy Theories in American History: An Encyclopedia’ (2004, 2 volumes) and ‘The Kennedy Assassination’ (2007)

*the 121 COMPACT participants in text : Peter Knight (President), Michael Butter (Vice-president), Aida Dzanovic, Alejandro Romero-Reche, Aleksandra Cichocka, Alexander Libman, Alfred Moore, Aline Schlaepfer, Alp Yenen, Anastasia Iliadeli, Anastasia Kafe, Anastasiya Astapova, André Krouwel, Andreas Ventsel, Andreas Onnerfors, Andrew McKenzie-McHarg, Annika Brunck, Annika Rabo, Anthony Lantian, Asbjørn Dyrendal, Bakar Berekashvili, Barbara De Poli, Ben Carver, Biljana Gjoneska, Björn Vollan, Chad E Brack, Clare Birchall, Claus Oberhauser, Corneliu Pintilescu, Dana Craciun, Daniel Cohnitz, Daniel Jolley, David Harper, Dogan Gürpinar, Dov Winer, Eduardo Camilo, Eirikur Bergmann, Estrella Gualda, Eva Horn, Evripides Zantides, Filippos Tymvios, Franciszek Czech, Gintaras Aleknonis, Giulia Napolitano, Grigorij Meseznikov, Helena Pires, Henry M Taylor, Holger Mölder, Hulda Thorisdottir, Ilya Yablokov, Iris Zezelj, Isabel Marcos, Iselin Frydenlund, Ivan Brlic, Ivelina Ivanova, Jakov Bojovic, Jan-Willem van Prooijen, Jaron Harambam, Jasna Milosevic Dordevic, Jose Ruas-Araujo, Juha Räikkä, Juho Ritola, Julien Giry, Karen Douglas, Kasper Grotle Rasmussen, Katerina Kralova, Katharina Thalmann, Kosta Bovan, Levente Levi Littvay, Lindsay Porter, Loïc Nicolas, Maarten Boudry, Mar Gallego Duran, Mari-Liis Madisson, Maria Babinska, Marios Hatzopoulos, Mark Anthony Camilleri, Massimo Leone, Mathias Persson, Matthew RX Dentith, Maurus Reinkowski, Michael Wood, Michal Bilewicz, Mitja Velikonja, Nahuel Ribke, Natasa Miskovic, Nebojsa Blanusa, Nico Pytlik, Nicola Gess, Nikola Karasova, Nils Bubandt, Olivier Klein, Onoriu Colacel, Pascal Girard, Philip Habel, Pia Lamberty, Pranvera Tika, Raluca Radu, Roland Imhoff, Rumena Buzarovska, Silvia Mari, Simona Stano, Stef Aupers, Sylvain Delouvée, Sylvie Graf, Tamas Scheibner, Tanjev Schultz, Thomas Philipp, Todor Hristov, Tomas Balkelis, Türkay Salim Nefes, Ute Caumanns, Veronique Campion-Vincent, Victor A Shnirelman, Viren Swami, Vladimir Bahna, Vladimir Sazonov, Vladimir Turjacanin, Vlado Sakic, Yannis Stavrakakis, Zuzana Panczova