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Game of Thrones’ Target Aryans

Not surprisingly, TV is just as influenced by Jewish culture in disguise as Movies, and the stream of Second World War films inspired by “real” events and related Holocaust remembrance seems never ending. It is understandable how the average movie and TV watcher still might feel empathic for this type of contrived narratives as they are as well written as they are ill proven*.   

Popular culture is arguably mostly carefully planned and unmistakably will comprise some type of beneficial propaganda for the minority ruling class, and when it comes to Hollywood fiction it is fair to assume that ethnical undertones will be equally present, for good or for worse.

Show business and media are part of several industries particularly invested by Jewish interest groups* and mostly we all will be at peace with such trades having their particular traditions, although the underlying ideology and promotion of some type of ethnical and ideological cause keeps coming up as somewhat disturbing for those who are more ethnically agnostic or less invested in any cultural or racial agenda.

Who runs Hollywood LA Times article by Joel Stein 2008
LA Times article by Joel Stein, 2008

I do not admire self-centered culture in general and quite dislike how disproportionate Jewish presence in the media and entertainment sometimes is used to proffer subliminal messages to the masses to present Hebrew culture in favorable light and ask our unconditional empathy. The Jewish cause is a self-serving fight for the rights of a very favored part society that shows little distinguished empathy for people overall, and that seemingly withhold a profound disdain for western Europeans in particular.

When we now look at the final season of the TV series Game of Thrones, it becomes a bit troublesome* every psychopath and evildoer finally will end up having golden or white hair… It is comical in a sense, but also overly blatant as Targaryen’s (Target Aryans) and other Blonds star as the recurring villains, Africans sometimes headless and Arabs as cruel, uncivilized masochists.

It could be speculated here that the “first men” are to be considered GOT’s chosen people who later were invaded by the “end all’s” or Andals. The Stark family* could thus be considered the Jewish component of the GOT saga – making Jon Snow Jewish by his mother Lyanna Stark’s lineage and therefore not really fit to rule, just fit enough to betray (and possibly assassinate) the last remnant of his mostly extinct Nazi-blond family*. There will not be any mixed blood between Targaryans and Starks in the GOT TV-series as this might dilute a “pure” bloodline and upset the holy wood (weirwood).

For sure, there seemingly will be an abundance of underlying lore present to disguise the Jewish survival story in the books and TV-series about Westeros, but by looking at the narrative as it now unfolds there are many undertones that suggest that the real gist and inspiration for this fantasy universe springs from a very ethnically narrow viewpoint which seemingly makes many most of the media thrive while the general public lean for any side of the debate unwittingly, crucially missing how in the end Jewish cunningness is designed to prevail and gentile rule and succession is excluded.

As social media, YouTube video and audio-blogs all contribute to form contemporary public opinion, it is not surprising that all these types of communication have been heavily invested for promotional purposes for the GOT TV-show, and that these efforts play a big part in the cultural backdrop and communities behind both the TV show and book series. It is quite hard to discern what part of GOT culture that stems from genuine interest, what part consists of promotional efforts and what part just attempts to commercially leverage the particularly popular television show and books.

Daenerys Targaryen : Foreshadowing Is Not Character Development
Trope Anatomy – 15 May 2019 – 18:13 (mm:ss) – 580K views

Quite voluntarily, i’ve lent myself to engage in the fiction presented over several seasons of the Game of Thrones TV-series as i’ve found the entertainment to be partially outstanding compared to other films, TV-series and entertainment in general. The fantasy aspect of the GOT series helps to partially forget how all of popular culture in the end reveals itself to be weaponized in some form or fashion. Game of Thrones is no exception to culture in general – hélas – despite the hard work to make the GOT TV-series appear as kosher as may be.

The Target Aryans (targariens) are both the attraction and villains of the GOT tale as a whole, and whenever Jewish movers and shakers can perpetuate their minority hero journey to dominance and have the general populace cheer for their cause and tale unwittingly – they cover in self-praise, dupers delight and hidden tribal jubilation. Maybe the coming end to the Game of Thrones TV-series will appear less mysterious if we keep in mind this tale also seeks to vilify targeted parts of the population subliminally.

In the end, Targaryens will be to blame, and GOT’s chosen people left to praise. Star Wars is next for Dave and Dan, so Tribal undertones may well follow their journey into the fictional void of space…

*over 1.6 million individuals have signed the petition to
Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers – this clearly shows how Weiss & Benioff’s GOT writing has indeed upset the audience, possibly on purpose as argued in this article

*the propaganda and disinformation pertaining to the Jewish Holocaust can be easy to dismiss if one does not seriously investigate the factual lack of physical evidence, exaggerated death-tolls, continuous economical and emotional profiteering. War is a racket…

*the Stark family fittingly have a wolf as their emblem, and red-haired Sansa is particlarly weary of her clothing…

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Francis Barlow 1687
‘The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ – wood engraving by Francis Barlow (1687)

House Stark astrolabe from GOT season 8 opening credits
House Stark astrolabe from GOT season 8 (House Stark sigil is also a Wolf)

*preview footage for GOT finale (SO8E06) episode is reminiscent of past dictators victory adresses and particularly evocative of German Nazi rallies of the Third Reich with possibly Daenerys as the omnipotent ‘Führer’ (Feuer – fire).

Daenerys Targaryen addresses rally of Unsullied, Dothraki and Northern troops in Kings Landing, Westeros (305 AC)

Adolf Hitler addresses rally of SA troops in Dortmund 1933
‘Der Führer’ addresses rally of SA troops in Dortmund, Germany (1933)

*according to official sources, George RR Martin is supposedly only a quarter Jewish*, but if we were to judge by appearance alone, GRRM today looks quite like a Rabbi, with his various baseball caps figuratively reminiscent of a kippah.
(as for Benioff and Weiss they are of course 100% Jewish and their respective spouses equally share same origins as Hollywood mostly do – openly or not)

George Raymond Richard Martin 1974-1975
George Raymond Richard Martin in 1974/5 (first novel published in 1977)

George RR Martin HBO profile picture 2014
HBO profile picture of GRRM, 2014