Just a drag ?

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Milk Transvestigation. Are Drag Queens Secretly FTM Transgenders?

Gay manifestations and parades are often led by the smiling, inoffensive faces of overly feminized men and the characterised figures of drag queens. Dancing happily in front of colourful crowds much like clowns in a circus, men in make-up and close fitted skirts lure us into a false sense banality and happiness as they trick our minds into the pleasant fields of the imaginary and playful (& soft sexuality for adults) – even appealing to children and/or youth.

There is of course nothing less offensive about a drag queen than a normal man* – but their disguise and mannerism have many inadvertently fooled. The gay movement is in reality clearly militarist in nature – a movement led by men* for men in their own interest as a minority and implicitly menacing as any large group of vindictive men will be. Drag queens indeed soften the aggressive side of homosexual activism with their exaggerated femininity and focus on entertainment with extravagant make-up and fashionable (or at least very visually challenging) outfits. Drag queens might induce kind of a Santa-Claus syndrome on the audience that play on triviality and humour thus relegating more profound questions and worries such as reproduction, role models and family values to oblivion.

The deceptive nature of a drag queen, their couvert role in popularising and pacifying the all-male gay movement should indeed lead to more scrutiny of these individuals by themselves. By appearence truly androgynous and clearly ambivalent regarding gender, where does their performance really start and when does it stop? It seems evident that the attention given to these creatures is as exaggerated as their own appearence and the roles they play scripted. As we have seen with celebrity individuals as a group, some will definitely be part of the Elite and therefore be implicated by Elite Gender Inversion – only it appear so counter-intuitive in their case as they already admit to gender-bending by the nature of their performing skills.

A perfect disguise of sorts if we for one second see how this might present itself from their own perspective. Hans Wormhat’s analysis of Dan Donigan ( Milk ) makes a good case for how EGI might indeed fit in.

“A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. The clown came out to warn the public; they thought it was a joke and applauded. He repeated it; the acclaim was even greater. I think that’s just how the world will come to an end: to general applause from wits who believe it’s a joke.”
-Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

Homosexuality is of course considered perfectly normal today and the public no longer oppose what only decades ago was considered a punishable mental and sexual disorder. The laws against sodomy are as old as religion itself and the severity of the penalties for acts of homosexuality long included death and forced castration. Leniency towards homosexual acts only occurred in modern times, beginning with ‘revolutionary’ countries such as France and Russia. The widespread abolition of punishment on sexually deviant behaviour is nevertheless very recent in the western world, and only in 2003 did the USA invalidate all sodomy-laws with the help of a Supreme Court decision in Texas ( Lawrence v. Texas case ).

Medical support for classifying same sex relations as deviant behaviour has also mostly prevailed through history, and the ‘International Classification of Diseases’ ( ICD ) only suppressed homosexuality as a mental illness in May 1990.

Government laws, mainstream medicine and science can of course be covertly manipulated by the Elite from lobbying, financial gains and pure political power – but the rapid cultural and popular acceptance of homosexuality also require profound changes in the morals and ethics of entire populations. To see such change through there is really only one method that gets the job done fast and well – a thorough brainwash.

Without judging abnormal sexual behaviour*, the public acceptance of homosexuality and practices such as sodomy seems entirely artificial and contrived. It really should be a question of tolerance, not enforced false normality. By way of promoting the homosexual culture we have become more familiar with same sex relations than many (at least myself) could care for. In the efforts to seduce the public we have been fed weaponised culture with new role models, colours and campaigns – even subjected to forced empathy in the case of Aids ( a fake decease ).

*a similar tactics to how the drag queen deceptively pacify a militarist movement might found in how the image of black males was softened by introducing handicapped role-models such as Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder – which both might not be blind, only life-time actors for ‘the good cause‘ of the Elite’s couvert agenda, and their own wealth and fame.

*gay men might also be just acting as men – but still their projected person is still perceived as male

*normal sexual behaviour for humans is reproductive activity that produce offspring – same sex intercourse is a vain activity that is incapable of securing any future existence of humans – except with Artificial Reproduction Technology ( ART ) of course which might just be the motivating factor to the ELite’s who seek to gain full control of their human assets – present and future.