Olivia Opre with lion trophy kill

Lie on lies

The intricate characteristics of our fake reality are sometimes difficult to take in completely in their magnitude. At the outset, even conspiracy theory seem to be straightforward – there are reasonably only that many aspects of reality the Elite needs to manipulate in order to gain and maintain dominion. The impression of finally coming to terms with how far deception goes has nevertheless become a perpetual challenge despite many years of study.

On closer inspection it turns out not many facts hold up to scrutiny when we follow in the steps of our ruling class and their various mischiefs. The many falsehoods and machinations we are faced with may indeed be too plentiful for many. Some lies even seem like overkill – like hunting imaginary animals and posing besides nothing less than advanced creations of taxidermy – or teddybears if you will.

Elite – The Lie (direct anagram – ‘Te Lie’)

The behaviour and modus operandi the Elite actually have adopted since a long while back is quite simply to retain knowledge for themselves and diffuse elaborate lies and half-lies to us in the public. By keeping what is true for themselves and feeding us lies leave the Elite alone in possessing any true knowledge whatsoever. The more false ideas the Elite can feed the public – the safer their control of society will be. And as we have seen with the study of EGI – not even the nature of man himself is left alone.

Whenever the Elite can insert falsehoods they do so willingly as we unknowingly are plunged even deeper into what are false beliefs and the religion of false beliefs we currently call modern civilisation. By consciously deceiving the general public on such a grand scale our conception of reality become entirely false which entraps us living lives where not even our inner goals, motivation and individual ambitions are safe from harm.

We are de facto blind as lemmings entrapped in lives we would not aspire to if we were not consciously misinformed since birth and cultured into false beliefs and a wrongly construed fantasy reality both past, present and future – leaving us victims of an involuntary servitude to a system that will not even heal us  properly when we fall ill. And to remind anyone that mistakenly believe the Elite abide to any moral or law (ph. anagram ‘Wall’) – such involuntary servitude is illegal and indeed mortal.

As long as reality is falsified and misrepresented, we will remain in servitude which unfortunately holds equally true for even the most diligent alternative researchers and critical minds. As we are progressively and furthermore domesticated inside closed environments such as cities and urbanised territories, even nature itself has become estranged to us. The terrain for false beliefs is thus evermore prosperous for the Elite who have succeeded making todays  “unreality” so irrefutably pervasive that no-one are able to escape some crucial part of the artificial construct we involuntarily live in – knowingly or not.

Olivia Nalos Opre miss Nebraska
Lion Huntress Olivia Nalos Opre – Miss Nebraska 2003

Not many will be able to see how ‘big game’ hunter trophies like 2,200 pound bears or 111 foot whales are all but a fantasy. We might childishly believe creating false “living” animals is impossible – while at the same time watch movies where the very same entities are openly artificially animated to appear undistinguishable from reality. As the Elite use lies and deception whenever possible, it unfortunately logically ensues that even animals are part of the disinformation warfare of lies that we are targeted by.

And who better to serve such lies on nature than the Elite Gender Inverted lifetime actors who dedicate their entire person to deceiving us ? Whenever the fix is in we observe EGI – blatantly or not.. By looking closely at trophy and museum animals, it slowly becomes clear how advanced stagecraft is best and foremost performed by lifetime EGI actors. Most actors cast in such roles as natural explorers and wildlife enthusiasts have traditionally been mostly males* who we know are difficult to physically distinguish as part of the Gender Inverted Elite.

There have indeed been some exceptions historically to the bearded (bear-dead) men who explore nature and wildlife, but not many. Today however, spurred by popular dystopian films such as “The Hunger Games” (2008) many contemporary female role-models are popularised who have apparently gone ‘Wild’. And much like Jennifer Lawrence – these new-on-the-block ‘girls’ are not less transpicuous than their ‘Hunger(y) Game’ model nor do they actually kill the animals they triumphaly pose with.

From the Elites precept of using lies whenever possible, there is no reason to have an EGI actor spend months in nature tracking bigger than life creatures as they evidently can achieve the same result by deception. In fact – the Elite will not have it any other way as their philosophy is clearly at odds with presenting us anything else than deception. To be precise on ‘big game’ hunting – if the animal is fake so is the person who is portrayed as real. And vice versa –  which led me to discover how the many contemporary ‘huntresses’ are in fact all Male to Female EGI characters and their record animal “kills” nothing but taxidermic compositions – often used repeatedly.

In “Shooting Teddybears” (article) various record bears proved to be as false as the narrative behind their capture. Unfortunately very few animal species seem to escape the deceitful similar faith in the hands of the modern Trophy Hunter. As the lion represent the ultimate alpha male of the animal kingdom – what could be more tempting and gender-specific for modern huntresses* to hunt down and kill with a single shot or arrow to the heart – leaving the animal in perfectly groomed condition for us all to see ?

“Now you’re looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled.”
-Christopher Priest (The Prestige)

Olivia Nalos Opre with a cigar as child
Olivia Nalos Opre – posing with a cigar as a child is indicative of her upbringing – seemingly in an Elite family that practiced EGI.
•Opre (‘O Prey’) has a rich biography and numerous hunting awards in her career that began as Miss Nebraska publicly and today consist of being a judge of big game certification (B&C, P&Y, Rowland Ward) and participating an various TV shows and documentaries. Opre regularly figure in the hunting press and is a Safari Club International Diana award winner (2014).

Olivia Nalos Opre Diana Award 2014
O.O. with her 2104 Diana award – even the Safari Club statue looks male
•Very big head, very large facial features. Wide set eyes, prominent male nose and nasal tip angle, wide mouth and dental arch, big teeth and important chin.

Olivia Opre shooting
O.O take aim to shoot in what appear to be studio lighting and heavy make-up
•Very large facial features, strong jawline, wide set male eyes, sizeable cheek bones and an overall masculine appearence despite the make-up and her important bleached hair-mane used to diminish the size of her male size face

Olivia Opre with lion kill
Olivia Opre with one of her 3 lion kills

Olivia Nalos Opre Bison 2003
Olivia Nalos Opre with one of her hundreds of kills from 2003 – possibly prepping for Miss Nebraska title won same year.

see ‘Buffalo Bill’ article here.

*the numbers of wannabe illustrious huntresses is considerable – an internet search for ‘female trophy hunter’ and/or ‘huntress’ will help illustrate the false wilderness hype.