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I don’t wanna make a straight movie. No way. Maybe in 20 years when I’m bored of being gay.
Ingrid Jungermann from 2017 article

There are many ways in how EGI individuals are disguised in popular culture. As much as the feminist movement seems ridden with EGI individuals, so does Lesbian film and culture similarly appear very suspect of heavy doses of Male To Female (MTF) EGI individuals.

The effectiveness of using a deviant sexual behaviour as a tactics for protecting suspect individuals psychologically seems very astute. The information that someone is lesbian effectively makes normal analyses of what is visually observed very difficult for the majority of the population as most will be quite unfamiliar with deviant sexuality such as incarnated by female homosexuals. It is even upsetting to witness such a double deception from the Elite as is the case when males play females who furthermore pretend be ‘lesbians‘.

Lesbians do not statistically* represent a large group of the population despite the Elites best efforts to popularize gay culture and make us all question our sexuality and gender identity. Only 3.8% of adult Americans actually identify themselves as being LGBT with 1.3% of women that self-identify as lesbians.

These numbers must be suspected to be exaggerated as well as they fall under what is clearly an agenda against straight men and women, but the figures still prove how 96,2% of the american population who identify as heterosexuals are deceptively misrepresented by the Elite in popular culture. The interest and wellbeing of the majority is taken hostage by minority causes. This chaos and contradiction clearly serve the Elite in many ways, especially for EGI purposes.

Ingrid Jungermann is a contemporary lesbian film-maker and represent quite a distasteful case where Elite Gender Inversion is as apparent as the LGBTQ+ propaganda she creates. His/her debut feature film just came to my attention as the title unsurprisingly contain a gender specific slogan, albeit not so apparently gay before familiarising with the content and storyline. I guess we are supposed to expect women these days are as often lesbian as straight, but i might not be hype enough to accept such false premises just yet.

The film poster really had me pondering whether the front-figure actually would be presented as a woman or not to the public – and that turns out to be the case – it is actually the lesbian film director herself that is seen posing in the foreground on the movies blue feature image. Sometimes images convey more information than words, and this film is yet another moment where EGI invites itself deceptively into everyday media, and where only knowledge of EGI actually can help correctly analyse and understand what is really presented to the public.

Women Who Kill poster
Women Who Kill is a 2016 criminal satire directed by Ingrid Jungermann, where gay ‘true crime’ podcasters Morgan & Jean come to suspect Morgan’s new lesbian love interest to be a killer.

*LGBT statistics from Gallup polls here and Wikipedia entry there