Petri-Dish Nation

ART is the acronym for Artificial Reproduction Technology and no doubt an area of great interest to the Elite. Only by the choice of words, it seems that the Elite do indeed master the art of creating artificial pregnancies. Art signifies the mastery of a discipline, and while many medical fields have not seen much advancements or cures in modern times (despite numerous claims), advanced reproduction technologies have been rolled out at a fast pace, becoming widely available to the population in the western world (for now).

From an Elite perspective, reproductive technology is a key area where they not only will better ensure their own lineage and possibly ‘improve’ their superior nature, but more importantly ART will give the current technocracy the ability to control their working force to an unprecedented degree. The incessant population polls, allopathic hospital births and mandatory infant follow-up with medical procedures tend to show the Elites strive to achieve complete dominion over their prime resource – fellow humans. By pure technocratic logic, artificial reproduction technology holds the promise to gradually ensure the Elite a long sought after control of the most primordial criteria to human existence – reproduction.

If you are in the business of selling hardwood, it makes good business sense to ensure there are trees to cut. If you ensure your own supply you will fare even better as you can control the whole o and regulate quality and quantity according to your needs. It might very well be the same logic that makes ART so attractive to the Elites – ultimate dominance over the quality and quantity of their main product coming in the form of us sheeple.

Of course, we are not too well-informed on exactly how the power-structure try to influence the quality of common worker-bee manufacture – at least not yet. For now the debate is purely focused on falling fertility rates and the indirect consequences of this demographic ‘catastrophe’ which is a rapidly growing ART reproductive industry worldwide. However benefactory the medical field of reproduction technology is made out to be, there is just no good reason for the Elite to just seize control the quantity without taking advantage of quality parameters which the access to sperm and ovum implicitly allow. There are no doubt covert road-maps for such unadmitted, totalitarian ambitions.

From the time the Elite invented vaccines without any good supporting evidence, we have a precedent of the Elite’s lust for free access to our most intimate biology. Blood is after all the purest liquid there and the only vehicle to have free access to all our cells. In ART they might have an even more profound means where they actually control our entire biology from the onset. If vaccines were ever invented with total control in mind, we should not expect anything less from in vitro fertilisation. On the contrary.

When we look at how Artificial Reproduction Technology became such a ‘necessity’, we already have many trails that indicate how fertility rates constitute secret target since quite some time. There might be many roads that lead to low fertility rates, but significant factors would be vaccines, birth-control and food. The sterilizing effect of vaccines is well established in alternative investigations (see Clint Richardson’s work here ), pesticides and food preserving chemicals are known dangers, the pill modifies a woman’s hormonal balance in a detrimental way and there might be more to wearing condoms than the immediate sterilizing effect (rubber might be a robber).

It seems the odds are stacked against us for producing offspring naturally and many believe that the “smoking kills” ad (here in the form of the Georgia Guidestones ‘illuminati’ genocide) will reduce smoking. Well, in advertising this is called negative publicity. Alternative truther’s are still screaming population reduction but the numbers are clearly against their claims. It makes poor business sense for the Elite to eliminate or reduce their most valuable asset. On the other hand, the upper class sure might be more than willing to take a small hit in numbers as they update their workforce to version 2.0 with complete control of reproduction – Petri-Dish Nation.

“I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”
— Nadya Suleman

To sell the attractiveness of ART there is of course nothing better than propaganda. We might already have more serendipitous promotion of Artificial Reproduction Technology than we are aware of. As with most propaganda, it is manufactured according to established and proven procedures – and in the case of childbirth we are clearly subjected to archetypical gender models which we know is of interest to our class of Better‘s. What more predictable than the Elite to make us awe at contrived wonders of ART (Artificial Reproduction Technology) – Hello Octomom Nadya Suleman.

The story of Natalie Denise Doud-Suleman is in itself very rich and might deserve a whole topic on its own in regards to media deception. Some interesting facts from Suleman’s very mediated life is that she’s the mother of 14 children (Double Zayin) all from in vitro fertilization (IVF), engaged her own PR company same week as her mega-birth, signed tv-rights for each of her octuplets, went on tv-shows very shortly after delivery (Dr.Phil, Oprah & more), posed nude for UK magazine Closer, filed bankruptcy in Orange County, starred in the film ‘666 Devil’s Child‘, featured as the bride in the Cledus Judd ‘Honeymoon‘ music-video, worked as a stripper, checked herself into Chapman House Treatment Center LA for Xanax addiction, and to top it all off – made an adult movie called ‘Octomom Home Alone‘ by Wicked Pictures. And of course, there is more drama to be found regarding ‘Octomom’ – it seems as plentiful as her fertililty.

Despite the quantity of media news-stories, an important fact the press conveniently avoid to address is that Doud-Suleman could be as artificial as her offspring and in reality no mother at all. Her character seems entirely created for the pleasure of the media acting as a deceptive proponent of in vitro fertilization, and using a fair share of negative publicity to do so. As one might come to realise, the Elite has a gender-agenda on their drawing board and whenever they introduce a gender-typical model, they seemingly force-fit EGI characters into the script whenever they can. Only by her name does Octomom Nadya Doud-Suleman seem to tell the story quite plainly – ‘Doud’ is reminiscent of ‘Dude’ and Suleman seems to be a pun where the french word for only/alone (Seul/Sule) precedes the very typical “Man” we find appended to so many illustrious names. The Octomom might well be a ‘Dude’ and a Single Man (Suleman)…

Nadya Suleman with her 7 year old octuplets in 2016 ( Dailymail )
•Octomom together with Jonah, Nariyah, Josiah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Noah, Jeremiah and Makai

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