PsyOp Histogram (forum topic)

PsyOp Histogram

As has been shown by alternative researchers and revisionist historians since the 1600s – there are major discrepancies with both historical facts and with the historical timeline. When we analyse the chronology of the many PsyOps we’ve identified and cross-reference them with history we have a new picture that emerge – the Psyop Histogram. Not does the chronological histogram expose the vast number and recurrence of PsyOp memes and events – it also show how closely related fakery and hoaxes are to the construct of history itself.

When engaged in alternative research it is most common that we focus on one or more fraudulent contemporary event or memes. Analysing any such event(s) will of course in itself be revelatory of a method and be very useful in our analysis of current events. What we might miss nevertheless, is the relation each of the contrived events we are able to identify have in relation to the global picture and more precisely the entire narrative of our modern civilisation. To better understand where and when our civilisation became so corrupt and false, it is necessary and useful to examine both the present and past.

Fakeologist PsyOp Histogram (forum thread)

Fakeologist PsyOp Histogram (google spreadsheet)

Revisionist historians have many academic caveats when they analyse past events, and their lack of understanding of PsyOps might make some partly blind to which methods they really face when they try to make sense of even “primary sources”. Just to be clear on “primary source” – there are none except yourself. The material history is based on comes from important men and institutions of the past – just as the PsyOps material alternative researchers examine are issued from the same type of “valid” sources. We know the Elite can falsify birth and death certificates at will and orchestrate fake funerals of the the greatest magnitude. For historians, they would have a very hard time doing their job if they did not put their trust to some type of information – and herein lies their grief.

Knowing how much of the evidence and proof of Psychological Operations can be falsified, there is no doubt alternative researchers have a lot of skepticism and skills to contribute with when looking back in time. And time has a lot to reveal for the many PsyOps and contrived events we witness today. History and fakery seems to go hand in hand and combining both is an additional tool for both alternative researchers and revisionist historians alike.

There is an evident synergy to be found in combining known Psychological Operations and hoaxes with history. For alternative researchers it might be difficult to apprehend history as an important field of research as the topic appears rather dull and the material so exhaustive. As we understand major current PsyOps will soon be written into history as facts, we also have to suspect this situation is not anything but rather the modus operandi for the elaboration of official history. Fortunately, there are historians that have questioned facts and events and who qualify as revisionist historians who have seriously questioned entire timeperiods and dynasties such as Egypt, Greece and China.

The recurring theme in revisionist history is referred to as “new chronology” based upon the apparent addition of time and periods which do not have neither much verifiable written documents nor archaeological remains. What transpires from such observation is that major events in the accepted history thus must have been falsified and thus represent entire new categories of hoaxes most of us would be unaware of. Hidden by time and hasty generalisation, many PsyOps thus are lurking in the artificial construct that mainstream history appear to have been built upon.

PsyOp Histogram spreadsheet
•PsyOp Histogram spreadsheet – created by Ab Irato for Fakeologist

The initiative for a PsyOp histogram already dates back (2013) and was initiated in the format of a Google Spreadsheet document (see above). Today the Fakeologist Fakeopedia* propose what i find is a better format where the information of the original PsyOp Histogram is included and expanded in the ‘Psyops List’ which is more readable and practical with better sortable columns and shorter Url’s. The difficulty with open formats such as a wiki or a spreadsheet is of course that there is no curation or editorial process involved. The result of open formats can be there is too much information at display or that the informational structure becomes too detailed for better comprehension of the relation between history and psyops.

Fakeologist Fakeopedia (media/science fakery & psyops wiki)

Fakopedia List of PsyOps* (a sortable list of psyops)

The original pure text list as posted initially is still an easy read that illustrate how rich the relations between PsyOps and History really are. What immediately hits the eye is how the industrial revolution and the invention of the Steam powered printing press (The Sun, 1833) has influenced the number and frequency of Psychological Operations. The increase that occurred with mass produced daily newspaper at an affordable price seems very significative and foreshadows what we see happening today with an ever increasing speed and propagation of the news-cycle. The overload of information thus created seems a very important defense mechanism that is somewhat neglected by alternative researchers as the focus seems ever so topically driven from event to event. Not all events are of the same importance it would seem, and especially when trying to organise such information in a coherent manner – which was the initial goal of the PsyOps Histogram.
Psyop Histogram (original 100 first entries, 2013)
71   Jesus
1492   America Christopher Columbus
1522   Spherical earth Ferdinand Magellan
1541   Heliocentric System of the Universe Copernicus
1605   Guy Fawkes Night
1623   Shakespeare
1665   Gravity Isaac Newton
1790   Vaccine Edward Jenner
1789   French revolution
1791   Mozart
1824   Dinosaurs William Buckland
1833   First mass printed newspaper (The Sun)
1859   Evolution charles Darwin
1865   Abraham Lincoln Assassination
1886   Psychoanalysis (Freud)
1890   Fluoride
1894   Dreyfus affair
1898   Radiactivity (Marie Curie)
1905   Albert Einstein E = mc²
1906   Cancer
1910   Public Radio (music – Opera NYC)
1912   Titanic sinking
1912   The Piltdown hoax
1915   RMS Lusitania sinking
1917   Balfour Declaration (Israel)
1927   Big Bang Theory (by jesuit Priest)
1936   Public TV (BBC)
1939   Nuclear Weapons Robert Oppenheimer
1941   Pearl Harbour Attack
1943   LSD Albert Hofmann
1944   Holocaust Ilya Ehrenburg
1945   Adolf Hitler Suicide
1945   Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-Bomb
1946   King David Hotel Bombing
1947   Roswell UFO incident
1947   Dead Sea Scrolls discovery
1948   State of Israel
1953   DNA (J Watson & F Crick)
1954   Cern laboratories
1958   NASA founded (Dwight Eiesenhower)
1958   Van Allen belt
1960   Beatles
1961   Apollo Program John F Kennedy
1961   Bay of Pigs Cuban invasion
1963   JFK murder
1964   Gulf of Tonkin incident
1968   RFK Murder
1968   MLK Murder
1969   Moon Landing
1969   Manson Murders
1970   Jimi Hendrix death
1970   Kent State Univeristy Shooting
1970   Salt becomes health hazard
1972   Munich Olympic Terror event
1972   Space Shuttle
1972   Watergate Scandal
1973   Skylab, first US space station
1976   Swine Flu epidemic
1977   Elvis death
1978   Kidnapping of Aldo Moro
1981   Aspartame
1981   John Lennon Murder
1984   AIDS Dr. Robert Gallo
1986   Olof Palme Assassination
1988   Lockerbie Plane bombing
1989   Fall of the Berlin Wall
1990   Invasion of Kuwait
1992   LA Riots
1993   International Space Station
1993   WTC Car Bomb
1994   Kurt Cubain death
1994   Rwandan Genocide
1995   Oklahoma City Bombings
1995   Tokyo Sarin gas attack
1996   TWA Flight 800
1997   Princess Diana death
1999   John F Kennedy Jr. Death
1999   Columbine Massacre
2000   Planecrash of AF Concorde
2001   9/11 WTC Bombings
2003   Swine flu (h1n1)
2004   Madrid train bombings
2005   7/7 London Bombings
2006   Saddam Hussein hanging
2007   Virginia Tech shooting
2007   Benazir Bhutto assassination
2008   Heath Ledger death
2009   Michael Jackson death
2009   Underwear Bomber
2010   Iceland Volcano eruption
2010   Smolensk plane crash
2010   Deepwater Horizon oil spill
2011   Oslo Utøya Massacre
2011   Fukushima
2011   Amy Winehouse death
2011   Osama bin Laden death
2012   Whitney Houston death
2012   Aurora Shooting
2012   Sandy Hook shooting
2013   Boston Marathon Bombings
*the ‘Fakeopedia’ is an initiative by Fakeologist members Faye and Gaia to create an alternative Wikepedia that centralise knowledge and resources about media fakery, science fakery and psyops as the focus