Shooting Teddybears

Four legs good, two legs bad.
— George Orwell (Animal Farm, 1945)

When looking for meaning through alternative amateur research we mostly will focus on the bigger picture and stories that stand out as significant as to how the world is globally managed. Animals will not often figure on top of any ‘alt’ researchers list as a subject matter to seriously investigate.

Cryptozoology long was the most mediated topic relating to our often hairy friends where researchers focus on anomalous specimens such as unknown animals, extinct animals, unusual variations of animals, misidentificated specimens, mythical animals, paranormal or even supernatural entities. Well known Cryptozoology topics would include the Yeti, Bigfoot, Ennedi tiger, Devil Monkey, Giant anaconda, Globster, Jackalope, Kraken, Loch Ness Monster, Montauk Monster, Nandi Bear, Phantom kangaroo, Queensland tiger, Sasquatch, Wolpertinger or Wucharia. The list is long – and in very much in favour of a plethora of different animal species.

We’re in Alaska – it’s day five – it’s September eleventh
Bear Hunting Magazine – 29 oct 2017 – 11:36 (mm:ss)
•Teddybear shooting “live” – note the fake fur, plastic claws and bad acting

More recent Dinosaur skepticism can be seen as a counter-current to the overly fantastical animals in the vein of Cryptozoology more than an investigation into the entire field of animal biology or academia at large. By limiting the cases of fraudulent zoology to only Dinosaurs and human predecessors seem to be a planned contagion plan that clearly sidetrack the wider implications of the scientific fraud we already can verify in numerous cases such as the Piltdown man hoax or the Archaeoraptor feathered dinosaur fraud. The strategy at play here seems to be sidelining us from what must be the crux of the academic falsification – to remove humans important position in the animal kingdom, to antagonize animals by presenting them as (giant) dangers to man and finally to extend time beyond what is reasonable.

The entire stratagem appear designed to maim the common population in their self-image and role on earth as our presence in an endless Universe during an insignificantly small instant of Time negates the better part of the Meaning of Life as it might really be understood, experienced and honestly lived. We came from nothing, live a very short while before we get wiped out and new species comes to replace us. And if not other animals species, we have robots and Aliens as equally scary scenarios. Doom and gloom and probably all a set of lies.

It is easy to see that Cryptozoology is preparing us for future discoveries of all the more fantastic animals. After all, who would believe in Dinosaurs if they hadn’t heard about the many mythical animals and dragons of the past, preferably as small children ? To most, the fact some isolated scientist might have invented a few false animals and fossils from millions of years ago doesn’t mean all scientists are in on the charade. There is no way the same people could imagine to falsify or even invent animals from our recent past or existing living creatures. Unfortunately – the Elite have thought of all of the above and more as they have several fields of science at their disposal who can validate their claims and many technologies to prove their mischiefs “scientifically”.

Bear – Ra Be (anagram – phonetically ‘Ra Bee’)
Circus – Sick Ruse (ph. anagram)

Some of tricks that the Elite have pulled out their hat are of course not new. But the old schemes have been very efficient as we still today have a hard time to see through the veil (or ‘whale’) of trickery in our respective lands of Oz (or ‘Zoo’). The animal kingdom is in itself a magic playground heavily encoded and frankly pretty confusing as to how-come the Elite have inserted so much occult fun into the various animations.. euuh, meant animals of course. For now the prize of the cheap and dirty tricks goes to the Ra Bee – or ‘bear’ as we mostly call these news-hungry creatures.

We might already on the basis of the Ra Bee Bear encoding expect that ‘Ra Bees’ or rabies (viral disease) to be pretty much pure invention. Despite the many occult puns and literal deception – there are surely some species of bear walking around in nature, but the biggest specimens that perform in circuses or get shot for the record books appear on closer inspection to be nothing else than animated teddybears – not real animals. This insider pun would be well known to the Elite as the fake act (fact for us) has been performed for the longest time – unbeknownst to the public in general. Actually we might sit back and laugh some if we are honest enough and verify how most giant bears always are either shot dead and inanimate or of lesser (human) stature mostly walking on their two rear legs on stage and film.

When it comes to how well the circus acrobats are able to cast life into padded teddybear outfits* i’m still not privy to all the various techniques that stage magicians have come up with over the years. Fortunately for the imposters, the bear has tiny black eyes that do not blink much as well as a human sized allure when standing on two legs which performer bears seem to have a preference for and an uncanny ease performing. The biggest, baddest of all the bears is of course literally Grizzly by design and with heavy Zayin (77) encoding. Just to resume – there might still be bears in nature although probably smaller and less grisly than what we might be told through press and freemason hunters permitted to deceive us.

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