Nonne 1921 by August Sander (1876–1964)

Sisters are mostly Brothers

When we look back in time and investigate the origins of civilisation, religion soon becomes very central and for very good reasons. Faith is a central constituant in any social group and the amount of values and beliefs that religion provides for was and still is is the building brick of the nation states modern society has grown into.

Waking up to conspiracy is partly consistant of shedding belief and replacing it with knowledge that better fits what we really observe about the society we live in. When we go through such a process of detaching ourselves from the social conditioning in order to question our beliefs we will have to face barriers that can be very hard to overcome such as our understanding of life and death which must be considered to be the ultimate limits of every individuals subjective existence.

To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, the origin of life and afterlife is a ‘Known Unknown‘ that is so central to each individual that we hardly ever will be satisfied with the uncertainty such a ‘known unknown’ really implies. Our lives have no meaning in its own right least we integrate some form of attitude towards our very own presence as individuals on earth.

Many choices are available for us to overcome such a commun hump in the road that at one point or the other will matter to us all, and they are all the same in their essence : elaborate make-belive solutions that all offer to trade an uncomfortable ‘Known Unknown’ for a ‘Known Known‘ by way of unsubstantiated beliefs.

To be able to capture the essence of an individual by converting the unknowledgeable fact of our origin and afterlife into a “known” fact requires a very elaborate plan and deep knowledge of the human psyche. It might seem a worthwhile endeavour nevertheless as it has the power of making our existence so much more meaningful. Unfortunately the universal power such essential knowledge has on each and person equally represents an position so central in our lives (even unbeknownst to us) that the opportunity for exploitation is too big to ignore.

The consequence and verifiable situation is that we are indeed exploited and that we all in some shape or form have bought into some form of ‘known known’ when it comes to the foundational questions of our origin and destination as individuals. We might think we have individually found the answers on our such foundational questions on our own – but we would be fooling ourselves. As individuals we merely have a very small part of original ideas and individuality, regarding life and death these questions have always stemmed from interested parties who all pretend to have answers that are not humanly possible to have.

Orthodox Nuns in Gracanica Monastery, Kosovo
Orthodox Nuns attending mass celebrated by Partriarch Pavle in the  Gracanica Monastery in Kosovo

The salesmen of the meaning of life and death are many and their position of power considerable. The best in the business is Religion and to verify that this is indeed a corrupt, power-hungry and profitable front for human exploitation is verifiable to each one of us. In western civilisation the Christian Church is the undisputed champion and their power and fortune is hard to miss – although this institution has diversified along the way. All the same, we can verify that this is an organisation that indeed has taken possession of life and and death to their own favour with power and wealth as a result.

There are unfortunately many alternative researchers that still have an appetite for belief when only knowledge and logic should be of the essence. So to address every bible believer that dare call themselves inquisitive minds :

Would the most influential commercial enterprise ever made use sales-material they did not elaborate themselves ?

If you have made it so far in into this post, there are no ambivalent answers. The Christian church even provides us the answer themselves when they explain how their product is better than everyone else’s product on the market – even that their competitors products are fraudulent. The problem here is of course that they all sell the same product – just in different packaging with a different sales-pitch. So by it’s own admittance all other religions are inferior and unworthy alternatives to the Christian version of the unknowable knowledge of the origin of life and death*.

The Bible (phonetic anagram ‘Bee Bell’) is the sales-material and it is written by the church in the interest of the church – there are no two ways about it. Answers to the question of the origin of life and the afterlife are eternal ‘known unknowns’ to mankind and while it is not a confortable situation – it is the objective, verifiable and logic situation we’re all in.

Catholic nuns in St. Catherine's Church, Bethlehem 2003
Catholic nuns sing hymns during Midnight Mass December 24, 2003 in St. Catherine’s Church in the West Bank town of Bethlehem

To consistently sell the imaginary knowledge of unknowable facts, the various religions all put on a very convincing and devious act in order to acquire our imagination and have us falsely believe we answers to questions that are beyond us and always will be. In this sense belief is an accurate description as we confuse reality with fiction of surreal nature. While there is no answer to the questions of the origins of life not the afterlife, we do have the possibility to question these foundational issues but not before we discard the sales-material so deviously crafted as to have us tangled up in a false paradigm of known knowns.

What we do know is that there is no way the most profitable and influential business there is did not create their own product and sales-material and we even have the proof the various religions all do their best to authenticate their marketing material by digging it up of the ground or discovering ancient stones with the “truth” spelled out. It is a verifiable lie this time – not only irrefutable logic. The only information contained in the various sales-books of religion is how exactly they crafted the texts to make their magic work. Nothing else. These texts are made in the image of its human authors who all are part of the deception – and the “Bee Bell” just their most effective false construct together with the towers they built to ring the illusion into our psyche.

The anagram to ‘Prey’ is ‘Rayp – and we have all been metaphorically (and sometimes literally) raped by every religion as far back as civilisation was built on the false appropriation of the unknowable answers to the origin of life and death.

In order to consciously betray the most constitutional part of our existence, the priestclass first had to betray their very own essence as men – and they clearly have been very good at it. So good in fact that we mostly have accepted their indoctrination and closed our eyes to what is so cristal clear once we actually observe what is before us. And this reality is that those who claim to be the best of men are the worst of men. To be even more precise on their nature – they have even corrupted their very human appearence as they falsely portray themselves as benevolent brothers and sisters – they never were. Nor were the models the church has sold and still sell in their marketing campaign – Adam, Eve, David, Maria, Joseph, Jesus… the list is long. And the story the same.

The uncomfortable fact religion and the church is indeed the eponyme of the betrayal of man. Their sales-material in the form of a black book is symptomatic and the sales-representatives themselves will further testify to their own inversion of reality if we only dare question their very appearence as they are not all can successfully hide in their false identity. Yet.

Make no mistake nevertheless to underestimate the craftmans-ship that has been developped through the ages to deceive us and the efforts that are made to keep us from looking in the right places. Elite Gender Inversion is as old and probaby older than religion and its practice so well mastered we soon will not be able to differentiate the culprits from the general population that are heavily sedated by mass media and cultured to accomodate all the more EGI entities in their midst.

*not to mention the christian and religious incoherence of natural laws of nature such death and afterlife being conditioned by geography and human gouvernance where being born at the wrong place in the wrong culture will exclude you from entering “heaven”.

beatified-María Inés Teresa Arias
Sister Manuelita (7/7 1904 – 22/7 1981) was beatified and thus granted access to heaven by Pope Benedict XVI 2011 for healing a child who had drowned in a pool.