Individual Truther Outlet Analysis

TCC spreadsheets

The Conspiracy Conspiracy (TCC) research is based upon a macro analyses of the conspiracy scene in order to discern the scope of culture produced for the conspiracy theory public alone.

In order to quantify the effort made it is interesting to survey and compare the production of known Truther Content Creators and the network they rely upon for producing content, conduct research and raise debates and topics (or memes).  

The data collected hereunder is in detail statistics on a limited selection of outlets that interest me out of familiarity or from current newsworthiness. This is a sample of the large conspiracy culture scene such as described and recollected in The Conspiracy Conspiracy article (here) and accompanying spreadsheet with 300+ radio and podcasts, 70+ conferences and 25+ media networks (available here).

The HSC ‘All Guests’ panel sorted to detail most frequent guests. Crrow777, Gordon White and Nick Redfern top the list and show an occult, extraterrestrial bent* 

More detailed surveys of individual conspiracy content providers would offer a more nuanced report on the particular characteristics that define culture creation in the domain of Conspiracy Theory. Even so, a diversified sample of eight different Truther Content Creators do offer valuable information as to the nature and number of guests and experts, the material/topics proposed, the quantity of material and the program frequency.

From the comparative analysis of the selected outlets hereunder – the typical Truther Content Creator is in activity for 7 years, producing 605 shows and interviewing 316 guests.

In terms of yearly production, the typical TCC (or TFF) production would be 83 broadcasts with 43 different interviewees. Many conspiracy outlets do inform they are professional content creators, and the consequential average production is effectively best explained by an editorial staff and professional management team – despite the grassroots, hand-to-mouth nature some imply.
TCC Spreadsheet Collection
Individual Truther Outlet Analysis

Brian Staveley – Dose of Reality (DOR)
127 shows, 69 guests (2011-2014, 2017-2018)

Greg Carlwood, The Higherside Chats (THC)
376 shows, 306 guests (2011-2018)

Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio (RIR)
1.148 shows, 780 guests (2006-2018)

James Corbett, Corbett Report Interviews (CRI)
1.343 shows, 485 guests (2007-2018)

Jan Irvin, Gnostic Media Podcast* (GMP)
391 shows, 197 guests (2008-2018)

Jim Fetzer, The Real Deal (TRD)
1.162 shows, 572 guests (2009-2018)

Ole Dammegard, Light On Conspiracies (LOC)
37 shows, 36 guests (2017-2018)

Tim Kelley, Our Interesting Times (OIT)
252 shows, 82 guests (2015-2018)


More technically speaking, an effort is made to make the excel spreadsheet as comprehensive as possible with a simple organization of Guest/Date/Content by individual year and in total.

From the total list of shows (All Shows) another list is generated that contain every show and every individual participant (All Show All Guests). From this repetitive and long list comes the final list of guests (All Guests) that now contain an additional column with the number of appearances (x°) for each guest which lends to a finer analysis than in previous editions of the TCC excel spreadsheets.

As i do favor the idea that form is a function in itself and should not be ignored, a distinct effort is made to make the spreadsheets practical, useful and easy to read. The layout is quite simple with fixed width columns, Calibri body text and a dd-mmm-iiii year format throughout.

For discussion around TCC research, findings and feed-back, there is a homonynous forum topic posted on Fakeologist that provides an inspiring platform for exchange and discussion.

Fakeologist forum topic – The Conspiracy Conspiracy (14 Jul 2018)

In Our Interesting Times (OIT) spreadsheet statistics as an exemple, it is Joseph Atwill, Jay Dyer and E Michael Jones who by far top the list. Their presence clearly demonstrates a religious, culture creation meme from father-of-six Timothy Kelly (anagram : Key Lie), further illustrated by the presence of both Chris Kendall and John Adams in the top 20 guests hereunder.

The Tim Kelly ‘All Guests’ panel sorted to detail top 20 frequent guests

*in the THC spreadsheet, “Dave” with-no-family-name demonstrates how tracking down names is often hardand available information scarce

*the collection of TV and Video channels for the TCC macro analyses is also in progress (+70 entries) and as my knowledge and familiarity of this type of content is limited, more research and help is especially needed for this category

*Gnostic Media has recently changed their name to ‘Logos Media’ and thus prove how Jan Irvin’s Trivium doesn’t always work for him personally (lol) – the mix of show names and “roundtable” monikers are many & confusing, all collected and grouped together in the above spreadsheet while still discernable (sort function) in the database.