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The Conference Con

When we look for authentic conspiracy theory research, it should be a warning sign to see coordinated groups perform together in conference settings as even single genuine conspiracy researchers are such a rare commodity. When groups of conspiracy theorists convene together it is therefore highly unlikely we deal with any form of genuine individuals, rather the contrary. It is deception performed live by the intelligence community.

International UFO Congress panel featuring Timothy Good, Stephen Bassett, Robert Powell and Dr John Alexander

As derived from the nature of the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’, any alternative researcher that contend to be legitimate will constitute very isolated cases and thus nourish only few relationships with the general conspiracy scene that is almost completely covered by intelligence agents and organisations (article).

Conspiracy conferences is therefore a very unnatural setting for anyone genuine just as it is unlikely that intelligence would promote anyone that do not dance to the tune of the disinformation that will be served in a public venue such as a conference or “con” as the professional humorously would qualify such events. It is of course the public that is conned, adding to the dupers delight of the professional performers and event organisers and handlers.

There are a multitude of thematic conferences that all make an effort to appeal to the conspiracy theory public. Many if not most of these intelligence trade shows promote material that any advanced conspiracy theorists will consider outdated, misinformed or plainly deceptive. Invested amateur researchers would therefore mostly choose to spend their time elsewhere than in following a host of speakers on stage presenting bad conspiracy material on outdated topics.

However if we do take interest in deception, then public gatherings such as conventions and conferences are highly instructive as they allow us a rare opportunity to see who the mediated intelligence operators are, how they articulate their discourse and how they interact between each other and towards the public.

2018 Alien Cosmic Expo panel with Richard Syrett, Linda Moulton Howe, Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman, Victor Viggiani
Alien Cosmic Expo panel featuring Richard SyrettRichard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman and Victor Viggiani

All the conferences listed below have numerous speakers and often multiple editions (Mufon Symposium goes back to 1975) – all part of the not-so-selective club of intelligence operatives who appear to be more than plentiful when we analyse the PsyOp nature of Conspiracy Culture as a movement.

List of conferences with Live deception
Allan Rees • Deep Truth (conspiracy)
Amy J Lamb, D Roads • Secret History of Australia (alternative)
Andrew Collins • Origins Conference (new age)
Andrew Toplarski • INATS New Age Trade Show (new age)
Bill Smith • Exeter UFO Festival (ufology)
Bob Tuskin • Free Your Mind Conference (conspiracy)
Brian William Hall • Conspiracy Con (conspiracy)
Darren Nesbit • Flat Earth Convention UK (conspiracy)
Dave Wood • Seriously Suspicious Conference (conspiracy)
David Lindsay • Dulce Base UFO Conference (ufology)
Doug Hamp, Rob Skiba • Quest 4 Truth Conference (new age)
Dr Peter Resta • Mysteries of Space & Sky (ufology)
Duncan Roads • Nexus Conference (alternative)
Edgar Cayce ARE • Ancient Mysteries Conference (new age)
Eli Si, Robin Arca • The Ufology World Congress (ufology)
Frank Rasmussen • Open Mind Conference (conspiracy)
G Edward Griffin • Red Pill Expo (alternative)
Gary Heseltine • Ufo Truth Magazine Conference (ufology)
Hugh Newman • Megalithomania (new age)
Ivan Oyola Jr • Truth Mind Reality Conference (new age)
Jan C Harzan • Mufon Symposium (ufology)
Jeff Berwick • Anarchapulco (new age)
Jenny Berg • McMenamins UFO Festival (ufology)
Jeroen Van Straaten • Secret Space Program Conference (conspiracy)
Jim Hill • UFO Festival Roswell (ufology)
Jordan Pease • Architects of the New Paradigm (new age)
Judyth Vary Baker • JFK Assassination Conference (conspiracy)
Julian Palmer • Science Conscience Ancient civilisations (new age)
Karen Brard • International UFO Congress (ufology)
Ken Kaufman • New Living Expo (new age)
Lachezar Filipov • Contact With Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ufology)
Laurie Wickens • Shag Harbour UFO Festival (ufology)
Lee Carroll • Science & Spirituality Conference (new age)
Linda Smith, Richard Smith • Human Origins Conference (new age)
Lorien Fenton • UFO Con (ufology)
Lucius Farish • Ozark Mountain UFO Conference (ufology)
Luz Mary Lopez • Alienigena Festival (ufology)
Malwina Stach • TCCHE Conference (new age)
Marianne Andrea Bellorín • Pine Bush UFO Fair (ufology)
Melissa Anelli • AlienCon (ufology)
Michael Austin Melton • Experiencers Speak Conference (ufology)
Michael Tellinger • Ubuntu Fest (new age)
Mitchell Rabin, S Stone • Breakthrough Energy Movement (new age)
Neil Gaur • Portal to Ascension (new age)
Noe Torres, Letty Leija • Out of This World (ufology)
Paola Leopizzi Harris • Laughlin UFO Symposium (ufology)
Paul Andrews • Contact in the Desert (ufology)
Paul Wright • Probe International conference (alternative)
Pino Morelli • X Congress (new age)
Robbie Davidson • Flat Earth International Conference (conspiracy)
Robert Quicksilver • Conscious Life Expo (new age)
Roland Pargeter • The Glastonbury Symposium (alternative)
Scotty Roberts, Micah Hanks • Paradigm Symposium (new age)
Stu Bundy • Alien Cosmic Expo (ufology)
Suzy Meszoly • Multiple Realities (new age)
Thea Ormonde • Cardwell UFO Festival (ufology)
Travis Walton • Awakening UFO & Conscious Life Expo (ufology)
Trevor Eivers • Open Minds Conference Ireland (new age)
Trevor Potter • Alien Snowfest (ufology)
Walter W Cruttenden • CPAK Conference (new age)

The number of conventions, presentations, expositions, symposium and conferences is considerable and more extensive than the list above can illustrate. Nevertheless it should be clear that Conspiracy Culture is not grassroots nor accidental but rather a refined, structured and well financed intelligence operation.

It is the scale of the operation that might mislead most as we are used to the preformatted delivery and appearance of the many conspiracy theorist who parade the scenes and stands of conspiracy conferences. It is clearly a “con” and a very visible manifestation of what the intelligence community really looks like.

Poster for the “Architects of the New Paradigm” conference  (Jordan Pease)

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