Tricky EGI videos

tricksofthestrade YT channel – 19:12 mm:ss
primer (introduction into the channels general outline)

There is a new channel on the EGI block, and the Youtube channel in question goes by the name of ‘Tricks Of The S Trade‘. The channel is presented by two different individuals (as far as i can tell) and they have quite a thorough approach to their confirmed cases where the central differentiation is analysed through women’s child-bearing abilities which create very specific gender-typical features such as the pelvis, hips and spinal cord*.

Most of their well founded arguments are elaborated in their much referenced 44 page document “Male VS Female Visual Differences” that well details their most discussed arguments of the female spinal arch and the placement of the hips relating to hands, inclination and width.

The general outline from the group behind ‘Tricks Of The S Trade‘ is that the Vatican (helped by the Jesuits) and roman Catholic church has a very central position in the cabal that control society, and that they (as an organisation) has a preference and culture of using transgendered individuals in public positions as they are more easily controlled and dedicated in the Vatican’s view. According to the channel, the early transgendering process in children started with the castration of the Vatican’s choir singers who later also performed in the opera houses of Europe before the practice was banned entirely in Italy 1870, and later by the Vatican on 22/11/1903.

The Tricks Of The S Trade‘ has so far produced over 60 videos available on YouTube in which they so far have made the case for around fifty Elite members and celebrities being secretly transgendered and what we would refer to as ‘confirmed’ EGI individuals. The videos are often more than 20 minutes and equally contain general ‘conspiracy’ viewpoints on a large variety of subjects. The videos mostly contain the more specific information (or transvestigation) toward the end, which is roughly indicated in the list hereunder. The list is a summery of the ‘tricksofthestrade’ channel’s confirmed cases as up to this day with a timestamp to take you directly to the transvestigative part should you be mostly interested in the EGI aspect of the channel’s production.
Investigated individuals list – ‘Tricks Of The S Trade’ YT channel 

Aaliyah Dana Haughton (from 05:40)
Adam Levine (from 1:05:30)
Adrien Brody (from 23:00)
Aly Raisman (from 37:30)
Amal Clooney (from 07:45)
Ana Kasparian (from 05:10)
Andy Biersack (from 55:40)
Angela Basset (from 10:15)
Arnold Schwarzenegger Family (from 02:50)
Ashley Marie “AzMarie” Livingston (from 10:00)
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter (from 03:45)
Calvin Harris (from 06:40)
Carla Suarez Navarro (from 35:25)
Charlotte Casiraghi (from 18:45)
Chris Hemsworth (from 07:00)
Ciara Princess Harris (from 09:50)
Cláudia Gadelha (from 23:10)
Cristiane Justino Venâncio “Cris Cyborg” (from 18:30)
Damian Hurley (from 15:40)
Eddie Redmayne (from 28:20)
Eva Igo (b. 11/9/2002) (from 39:00)
Damian Hurley (from 15:40)
Floyd Money Mayweather (from 06:15)
Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas (from 57:00)
Harry Styles (from 06:00)
Iggy Azalea (from 24:00)
John Travolta (from 31:20)
Joseph Gordon Levitt (from 04:30)
Kasey Staniszewski (from 19:00)
Kate Middleton (from 16:30)
Kevin Bacon (from 56:40)
Kunal Nayyar (from 18:30)
Lance Bass (from 59:00)
Laurie Hernandez (from 1:02:00)
Leonardo DiCaprio (from 12:00)
Liam Hemsworth (from 16:40)
Louis Tomilson (from 07:15)
Madison Kocian (from 25:00)
Marilyn Monroe (from 13:00)
Mary Kate Olsen (from 13:00)
Matt Damon (from 05:50)
McKayla Maroney (from 1:03:20)
Michaela Conlin (from 06:05)
Michelle Obama (from 2:24:45)
Nana Meriwether (from 17:50)
Nancy Sinatra (from 56:15)
Neil Patrick Harris (from 02:35)
Nene Leakes And Kenya Moore (from 12:00)
Prince Charles (from 34:10)
Princess Charlene Wittstock (from 17:20)
Robert Pattinson (from 04:40)
Ryan Gosling (from 05:30)
Samantha Stosur (from 16:15)
Shakira (from 1:36:45)
Simone Biles (from 38:45)
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (from 48:45)
Tom Brady (from 15:00)
Williams Sisters (Serena & Venus – from 55:10)
Zac Efron (from 04:30)
Zayn Malik (from 13:00)
*the female spinal cord is very distinguished and gender-typical trait – but it does present significant variation as the lumbar curve or ‘lordosis‘ develops to different degrees in each individual female and can even be non-existent (lumbar kyphosis and flatback syndrome)