Why oh why…

The most pertinent question about Elite Gender Inversion is surely the shortest and definitely the most difficult to address :

Why ?

The question is straightforward and the answer complex. Normally there would be two possible answers : the official reason and the ‘real‘ reason.

The official reason is that it is a human right to freely choose one’s gender and gender identity. Laws and LGBTQ groups (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer or Questioning) directly defends this open policy.

The ‘real‘ reason for the universal deployment of rigid legislation in favour of transgender and pansexual minority concerns can be many. The most resistance to the LGBTQ agenda comes from religious groups who morally and philosophically oppose the promotion of sexual behaviour that is different from what they consider natural – heterosexuality and traditional family values. In the overt sense the ‘real’ reason for the trans-agenda would be the political drive and aspiration for a gender-agnostic, non-religious society with altered and new family values.

The debate on the official/exoteric trans-rights agenda is in itself very disturbing and complex, while still comprehensible. But alternative research has possibly detected hidden/esoteric presence of transgenderism among the Elite that well indicate there might indeed be a conspiracy behind the official promotion of the LGBTQ groups – who very often turn out to be political movements created and led by intelligence assets with secretive agendas in their own right.

Research on occult transgenderism or EGI tries to understand what lies behind what already is a hidden agenda. Right now, the investigation is at a stage where most researchers and their audience are merely discovering the presence of such a conspiracy as hidden transgenderism amongst the Elite. Herein lies the merits of the numerous transvestigations which is to identify the presence of an additional esoteric conspiracy level to the international trans-rights agenda.

If we tie this situation to logic, we are just scratching the the surface of the Who/What/When/Where or the ‘grammar’. As the presence of hidden transgenderism is not commonly admitted even in conspiracy circles, transvestigators have been hard at work to understand the ‘how‘ as it is a prerequisite for collecting the grammar (mostly ‘who‘) in the first place. This situation of mixing the grammar with rhetoric is clearly inductive to erroneous conclusions – but most alternative researchers seems to either not know what they are doing or more often deliberately use insufficient grammar and rhetoric to develop faulty logic.

The public agenda and it’s ‘real’ reason to exist are matters that to a large extent are covered in the mass media and further debated in the the conventional ‘conspiracy’ circuit. This debate and ongoing research into the public ‘transgenda’ is well worth following and quite informative as it has direct consequences to our daily lives and environment.

The possible presence of a very devious esoteric side to the trans-agenda made some alternative researchers start extensive investigation and speculation on transgendered individuals and Elite Gender Inversion. If we consider the EGI research angle the question becomes more so intricate than the ‘real’ reason to the current transgenda..

Why is there such a thing as hidden transgenderism among the Elite..?

As part of the research effort on EGI, there are not yet clear-cut or satisfying answers to all aspects of Elite Gender Inversion and we so far only dispose partial grammar which makes logic and rhetoric speculative and not definitive in any way (except shape and form).

A lot of researchers have put much effort into the ‘who‘ part of the grammar, and there is enough well-made cases by now to assert that the practice of occult gender inversion is widespread and prominent among the Elite. Thus far there seem to be most cases of EGI individuals in the entertainment industry where the Elite clearly has set out to make their role-models and front-figures as androgynous as possible pertaining to women at first, later softening the looks of men with the advent of the gay movement and now the final blow to cis-genders is done by help of trans-movement (LGBTQ groups).

One of the main merits of the Fakeologist EGI research thread ( index here ) has been to enlarge the investigation of suspect transgendered Elite individuals to areas outside of show-business, and there is now good evidence to sustain that the presence of secretly transgendered Elite individuals can be found in every part of society, from health-professionals to astronauts. Such advances in EGI research has helped to further qualify the ‘why’ but also the ‘where‘ and ‘when‘. As of now, it seems that EGI individuals goes a long way back in time, and if history only should be trusted back to the 18th century ( of which i adhere ), then the hormones have always been available with Elite Gender Inversion ever present.

First-wave Feminist leader Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) – MTF

As the Elite trans-agenda is secret, our toolbox and access to proof limited, we have not yet satisfying answers to address ‘what‘ the inversion exactly entails. Many researchers are taking speculation for facts in this respect. It is impossible to assess actual the Elite practice, especially in terms of genital alterations in each individual case, and the variations can be many. There need not be merely one protocol and there probably isn’t.

I’d say there are most possibly many variations to gender inversion and it would be likely that the Elite would confuse our inquiry purposefully on this very crucial and graphic account. The general public and trans-investigation critics want ‘definite‘ answers*. In reality, to exactly pinpoint each and every gender-specific alteration might not be as decisive as many believe – because the crux is still there – the established and conscious alteration of gender characteristics by the Upper class. This is essentially where EGI differ from the habitual ‘transvestigators’ who mostly seem very categorical and deterministic in these aspects where also derogative language and emotion often come in the way of comprehension.

EGI as a concept is not deterministic in how it qualifies gender inversion, and genital modification (or not) is not the central focus – it is the occult manipulation of gender criteria overall that is of interest. As such, the basic criteria are the non-sexual gender traits that themselves rely on science we do not fully trust, but that still constitute verifiable, fundamental natural dispositions such as skeletal structure and possibly cell-level constitution* and gender-determination. The Elite seem to have a different view on natural qualities as they seek to determine by their own volition gender and sexuality independently of natural predispositions as they even might seek to unify both sexes into one unique gender-expression.

As to why the Elite keep their gender ambitions secret, it might be as simple as there never will be public support for altering what is natural and already perfect in its own right.

The Elites motivation behind wanting to unify man or alter humans after their own ideals is what comes across as the most enigmatic question to answer. There does not seem to be a practical reason per say to a hermaphroditic argument, and changing one sex to another does not resolve much either. One of the unfortunate results of gender inversion has long been thought to be sterility, but today there are medical procedures and technologies that make natural reproduction less of a hurdle. However, there is little evidence natural reproduction could be avoided before modern times, so we do by interference deduce the EGI Elite families have managed to reproduce among themselves for long periods without assisted reproductive technology (ART) which again indicate that the EGI Upper class can not have practiced broad genital alterations or maimings in earlier times.

Practicality set aside, the motivation for unifying and altering gender seems to be mostly philosophical and self-preservational. The most significant particularity of the Elite is their supremacist belief and justification for benefitting from better living conditions than the global population. The Elite need to justify their own exception from common folk in order to fully enjoy their luxurious lives without the irritating idea that their place might stolen and originating from mere luck, and not some innate superior quality or merit. This supremacist philosophy is the most significant trait of the Elite and well explain why they consider having no choice but to seek to differentiate themselves from common men and women. If they accepted they were just normal people, their position as an Elite class would be threatened and their success quite haphazard which is not flattering to their ego and self-worth. To not only have their own philosophy, but also being physically different than the population will in this aspect make logical sense, even if the difference is artificial.

The supremacist mindset of the Elite is the most likely the origin of Elite Gender Inversion. From the evidence of long practice of such traditions – combined with extensive use of hormones, intermarriage and possibly purposeful ‘selective breeding’ and marriage matching – the Elite might even have provoked permanent changes to their own natural makeup. Such long traditions of occult practice have at a minimum given the Elite the time to find additional arguments and justifications for their suspected abnormal behaviour of multigenerational gender inversion. We currently have no reliable insight to the culture the Elite possibly have created for themselves behind the walls of their guarded residences and palaces – but we do know they’ve had the time and financial capacity to elaborate their plans and practices according to their will – and extreme taste.

Unfortunately, there are not as many alternative researchers that currently investigate EGI in a broad fashion and the efforts to do so are not organised, financed or well structured. In other words, there is little chance that we will be able to have all our questions answered as the Elite’s trans-practice is long-standing, vast and contain multiple agendas, conspiracies and fields of research all interloping. Despite this disfavorable situation, we have detected a general ‘modus operandi’ of how the Elite conceive their policies, constitute their teams and actively operate in many well resolved cases (911/JFK/Nasa) and the current level of media-fakery research appear quite advanced .

Still, EGI seems to escape the critical thinking of many (apparently) talented researchers as Elite Gender Inversion from its inception seem so extreme. The extravagance of EGI might also indicate how this Elite practice in reality also can be their weakness, and as such induces some hope that some well researched straws might break the transgendered backs of the Elite..

MrE – 25 oct. 2017
Melania is Male – 10:07 (mm:ss)
(the trip down the slippery path of gender inversion started for me with the 2016 President Elect Speech – it may take a graphic factual example to fully grasp EGI exists – Melania Trump might not be an obvious choice but she hit my nerve and sensibilities – to find a reference point to gender inversion might be a good place to start)

*the public require well dramatised technologies such as fingerprints, DNA and scientific studies – all of which have proven to be falsifiable…

*science is treacherous and we might not trust either chromosomes nor DNA