Hello dear guest – i’m Unreal

I’m an alternative amateur researcher and use the pseudonym ‘Unreal‘ as it reflects what we often are surrounded by – deception.

If you are far enough down the conspiracy rabbit hole to have come all the way to this page – i feel your pain (!). Discovering conspiracies is time-consuming and challenging. And recovery is not always possible.

My remission started with the website where i’ve been an active member and contributor before blogging independently. It can be healthy to explore the opportunity to both listen to and exchange with fellow travellers.

You are most welcome to keep in touch, share your opinion and exchange through email and Discord text chat (details below)

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The ‘Unreal’ YouTube channel has playlists on EGI and alternative research but not yet original content. Hopefully there will be some audio with image galleries or screencasts created down the road.

UNreal Youtube channel


I encourage you to send me your comments regarding the website, articles, viewpoints or any question in-between.

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Alternative research is challenging and time-consuming and you are much welcome to express your encouragement / appreciation through email or donations.