AC 2015 08 05

Fakeologist Audiochat – 20150805
5 august 2015 – 3:32 (h:mm)

Audiochat with Rollo, Ohalahan, Aral Sea and Unreal
Conspiracy talk and discussion on nuclear Submarines and more

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PsyOp Histogram

As has been shown by alternative researchers and revisionist historians since the 1600s – there are major discrepancies with both historical facts and with the historical timeline. When we analyse the chronology of the many PsyOps we’ve identified and cross-reference them with history we have a new picture that emerge – the Psyop Histogram. Not does the chronological histogram expose the vast number and recurrence of PsyOp memes and events – it also show how closely related fakery and hoaxes are to the construct of history itself. Continue reading PsyOp Histogram