Just a drag ?

Hans Wormhat Vimeo channel – 16:02 mm:ss
Milk Transvestigation. Are Drag Queens Secretly FTM Transgenders?

Gay manifestations and parades are often led by the smiling, inoffensive faces of overly feminized men and the characterised figures of drag queens. Dancing happily in front of colourful crowds much like clowns in a circus, men in make-up and close fitted skirts lure us into a false sense banality and happiness as they trick our minds into the pleasant fields of the imaginary and playful (& soft sexuality for adults) – even appealing to children and/or youth. Continue reading Just a drag ?

Tricky EGI videos

tricksofthestrade YT channel – 19:12 mm:ss
primer (introduction into the channels general outline)

There is a new channel on the EGI block, and the Youtube channel in question goes by the name of ‘Tricks Of The S Trade‘. The channel is presented by two different individuals (as far as i can tell) and they have quite a thorough approach to their confirmed cases where the central differentiation is analysed through women’s child-bearing abilities which create very specific gender-typical features such as the pelvis, hips and spinal cord*. Continue reading Tricky EGI videos