Secret Space Program Conference 2015 in Bastrop with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph Farrell

The Conspiracy Conspiracy

“He who tries to protect himself from deception is often cheated, even when most on his guard.”
Titus Maccius Plautus, 254-184 BC

There can be little doubt that there are indeed unknown alliances behind most events we are presented in our modern media dependent society. While the largest portion of the population willingly accept the charade we wrongfully accept as reality, it is nothing less than obvious that the Elite also have made plans for the few rebellious individuals and groups that do not buy the superficial mainstream model carefully crafted by the rich and mighty.

We are all familiar with the conventional model of society as we in some form or another will have endured part of the heavy brainwashing program executed by our different states and institutions. Breaking out of the common public program is not easy nor very common. We might therefore have a feeling of being awake anew when we break the veil of the numerous official narratives from our new realizations and personal research.

Crossing ‘the G’ or Gate of common belief is as an unexpected passage and waking up to conspiracies is to some extent akin to being born again into a new world of conspiracies and deception. A natural feeling of fellowship might emerge as we discover we are not alone but that we have a new, open-minded community that await our arrival on the other side of mainstream culture.

Max Igan, Frank Rasmussen, James Corbett, Ole Dammegård and Hugh Newman
Open Mind Conference debate 2017, from left to right : Max Igan, Frank Rasmussen, James Corbett, Ole Dammegård and Hugh Newman

Major conspiracy theories are nevertheless profound discoveries and habitually cause brutal effects and personal changes on their discovery and realization. As we adopt conspiracy counter-culture we will also be philosphically alienated from the larger parts of our social network. When we first come to accept alternative theories and their implications, we will as individuals be naturally emotional and easily influenced  as we struggle away from common conventions about what is real or not (no man on the moon, no nuclear bombs, no 9-11 victims, JFK not shot).

We might not experience this situation as weakness ourselves, but our behavior is as predictable as the opportunity it represents to the Elite for controlling us. Both the research and proponents of the ideas that help us break the ice to the truther side of reality are strategically prepared in advance and part of a very meticulous plan in its own right – the Conspiracy Conspiracy.

As amateur alternative researchers it is difficult to admit we are in fact deceived ourselves from the moment we cross the Rubicon into any major conspiracy belief as the Elite invariably control these conspiracy memes themselves. The conspiracy trap is in place since long times back. We were publicly handed the JFK conspiracy through Hollywood and Oliver Stone, but not for free.

“Meet the new boss Same as the old boss”
Pete Townshend (‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’)

While we might not feel we are trapped because we as conspiracy theorists rely on different figures and research than the mainstream – conspiracy theory culture is still a very controlled movement managed by a very real intelligence community specialized in deception and group control. And no, the agents we know do not live from donations, subscriptions or book sales*.

When we break the larger public propaganda protocol, we will find ourselves in smaller numbers and managed in a different manner from the larger general public. Through the fabrication of a multitude of communities in various flavors, we are blinded from the fact conspiracy culture is not a small, local and spontaneous movement but a large micro-managed plan of contagion.

In order to realize how artificial conspiracy-culture really is, it is necessary to step back from our currently trusted sources and current comfort zone. We might even realize how we ourselves have been channeled through a number micro-currents before arriving where we are today. When we look at the conspiracy community as a whole, we will find that the majority of role-models, topical experts and content providers are intentionally deceptive. And despite their individual flavor of truth, the conspiracy talking heads all seem to know each other as they jump between topics, radio-stations, podcasts, YouTube channels and communities.

Joseph P Farrell, Mark McCandlish, Stephen Bassett, Henrik Palmgren, Michael Schratt, Robert Morningstar
Secret Space Program Conference panel in San Mateo 2014, from left to right : Joseph P Farrell, Mark McCandlish, Stephen Bassett, Henrik Palmgren, Michael Schratt and Robert Morningstar

When we study particular conspiracy outlets it is evident that they produce far too much content and present far too many researchers to credibly contend to be any form of an amateur effort (Conspiracy Gatekeeping article). If we see the various conspiracy outlets as whole* we will discern the vast scale of the conspiracy scene and its numerous actors and agitators.

Just as individual conspiracy outlets produce way too much content, so is the scale the number of outlets and communities way too big on closer inspection. Combined we have over-productive individual outlets in far too significant numbers which amounts to an exponential synergy (content X outlets) that is nothing less than artificial and only compatible with professional content creation.

As an example of the macro-management and multitude of conspiracy flavors we are subjected to, below is a quick list* of a hundred different ways to serve us the same menu : a total lack of honesty with a waste-of-time warranty..
21St Century Wire (Patrick Henningsen)
Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (Miguel Conner)
Alchemy (John Gibbons)
Alex Jones Show (Alex Jones)
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (AC Hitchcock)
Blacklisted Radio (Doug Owen)
Boiler Room (Hesher, Spore)
Boiling Frogs Show (Sibell Edmonds, Peter B Collins)
Caravan To Midnight (John B Wells)
ClandesTime (Tom Secker)
Coast To Coast AM (George Noorey)
Conspiracy Agents (Dr Michael Lynch, Mike Wilkerson)
Conspiracy Queries (Alan Park)
Conspiracy Theories (Molly Brandenburg, Carter Roy)
Conspiracy This Week (David Boyle)
Contrarious Live:Out Of The Dark (The Deep Conspiracist)
Corbett Report (James Corbett)
Crrow 777 Radio (Crrow 777)
Cutting Through The Matrix (Alan Watt)
David Duke Show (David Duke)
Deep Thoughts Radio (The Dude)
Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole (Andrieh Vitimus, Jason Colwell)
False Flag Nation (Joe DeMarco)
Free Zone (Freeman Fly)
Freedomain Radio (Stefan Molyneux)
Gnostic Warrior (Moe Bedard)
Gralien Report (Micah Hanks)
Grimerica (Graham Dunlop, Darren Grimes)
Ground Zero (Clyde Lewis)
Hardcore History (Dan Carlin)
Harvesting Truth (Tarrah Beth)
Higherside Chats (Greg Carlwood)
Illuminati Watcher (Isaac Weishaupt)
Jack Blood Show (Jack Blood)
Jay’s Analysis (Jay Dyer)
Jeff Rense Radio (Jeff Rense)
Jim Duke Perspective (Jim Duke)
Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
Jordan Maxwell Show (Jordan Maxwell)
Last Podcast On The Left (Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski)
Light On Conspiracies (Ole Dammegård)
Lighting The Void (Joe Rupe)
Mark Devlin Radio Interviews (Mark Devlin)
Media Monarchy (James Evan Pilato)
Meria (Meria Heller)
Midnight Writer News Show (ST Patrick)
National Intel Report (John Stadtmiller)
News And Views From The Nefarium (Dr Joseph P Farrell)
No Agenda (Adam Curry, John C Dvorak)
Occult Of Personality (Greg Kaminsky)
Occult Science Radio (Curtis Davis)
OffPlanet Radio (Randy Maugans)
Ohio Exopolitics (Mark Snider)
Opperman Report (Ed Opperman)
Our Interesting Times (Tim Kelly)
Peace Revolution (Richard Grove)
Podcast UFO (Martin Willis)
Porkins Policy Radio (Pearse Redmond)
Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan)
Psi-Op Radio (Miles Lewis, Mack White)
Radio 3Fourteen (Lana Lokteff)
Real Deal (Jim Fetzer)
Realist Report (John Friend)
Red Ice Radio (Henrik Palmgren)
Red Pill Sunday School (Clint Richardson)
Resistance Rising (Johnny Cirucci)
Richard Dolan Show (Richard Dolan)
Richie Allen Show (Richie Allen)
Sage Of Quay Radio Hour (Mike Williams)
Secret Truths (Mark Willison, Scott Paton)
Secrets Of Saturn (Jason Lindgren)
Sofia Smallstorm Podcast (Sophia Smallstorm)
Somewhere In The Skies (Ryan Sprague)
Spingola Speaks (Deanna Spingola)
Stench Of Truth (Ted Torbich)
Surviving The Matrix (Max Igan)
The Bob Tuskin Show (Bob Tuskin)
The Conspiracy Show (Richard Syrett)
The Edge Broadcast (Daniel Ott)
The Ripple Effect (Ricky Varandas)
The Shift (Doug McKenty)
The Solar Storm (Kyle Hunt)
The Ugly Truth (Mikael LaChance)
The X Zone (Rob McConnell)
TradCatkNight (Eric Gajewski)
Trans Resister Radio (Aaron Franz)
Truth Be Told (Tony Sweet, Captain Ron, Dean Ryan)
Truth Hertz (Charles Giuliani)
Truth Jihad (Kevin Barret)
Truth On The Tracks (Brandon Turbeville)
Truther Talk Radio (April Boden, Virstyne Henry)
Ultraculture (Jason Louv)
Unspun (Jan Irvin)
Veritas Radio (Mel Fabregas)
Vinny Eastwood Show (Vinny Eastwood)
Way Of The Truth Warrior (David Whitehead)
WOEIH – What On Earth Is Happening (Mark Passio)
What Really Happened (Andrew Jenks)
Who’s The Bad Guy (Dave Gahary)
WhoWhatWhy (Russ Baker)
When we as above consider conspiracy culture on a larger scale it becomes evident that it is not only one or five outlets or communities that are contrived, but rather the conspiracy culture as a whole. Conspiracy culture is a PsyOp in its own right and the only reason we might not have reached this conclusion so clearly before is out of the incredulity of scale (also known as the ‘Big Lie‘).

So while the beards, hats, sunglasses and redneck accents might have fooled us for some time already, the typical conspiracy theorist talking head just acts and behaves like you in order to establish rapport. This is exactly what intelligence agents normally do and exactly what conspiracy researchers are – intelligence operators on salary to deceive us in their professional capacity.

Conspiracy culture as a whole is artificial and it’s micro-managed through multitudes of individually differentiated outlets that sandbox its public to keep us as efficiently controlled as under any other public flavor of propaganda and deception. In other words, conspiracy culture is in itself a conspiracy that we falsely have thought to be too big to be real – only it’s not. This is big, real and served to us by a large intelligence community at considerable cost – namely the Conspiracy Conspiracy.

Bob Tuskin, Mark Devlin, Ken O'Keefe, Mark Passio, Derrick Broze, Ken Rohla, Josie the Outlaw, Freeman Fly
Free Your Mind 4 Conference Q&A 2016, from left to right : Bob Tuskin, Mark DevlinKen O’KeefeMark PassioDerrick Broze, Ken Rohla, Josie Outlaw and Freeman Fly

*we often omit to investigate the researchers and communities we do not adhere to, which has the effect of blurring clear vision as the outlets we find to be deceptive are the most instructive to focus upon in order to understand the modus operandi of the intelligence effort relating to conspiracy culture as a whole

*the podcast list above does not reflect a complete picture of the variation and differention of content that together constitutes the field of what’s considered conspiracy culture – the list would be endless if we include the conspiracy theory fringes and synergistic content often served by the same figureheads – ie politic views, religion, health, fitness, diet, psychology and other forms of self-improvement or lifestyles

( for open discussion about the ‘Conspiracy Conspiracy’, there is a homonymous dedicated forum topic on Fakeologist: )